Understanding Microgaming 3 Card Rummy

October 2, 2015


Roulette, blackjack and casino poker variants are not the only games in the Microgaming table games section. There is an interesting online casino game called 3 Card Rummy. It is a fast paced game with a very simple strategy.

3 Card Rummy is played with a single standard 52-card deck. You begin by placing the ante bet. You are dealt three cards face up and the dealer is dealt three cards face down. The scoring is done automatically by the software, but since it is different you should know how it works. Pairs, three of a kind, and runs of at least two suited cards count as zero points. The left over cards are valued individually. The cards from aces to nines have their pip values and all other cards are valued at 10 points.

You have to decide whether to raise or fold. If you folds then you lose the ante wager. If you raise then you must place the raise bet equal to the ante bet. The dealer's cards are then exposed. The dealer needs 20 points or less in order to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify, the ante bet pays even money and raise bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies then the hands are compared and the one with the lower total wins. If the player loses he forfeits both bets. If the player wins then the ante bet pays even money and the raise bet pay according to the payout table. Tied hands result in a push for both bets. The strategy is simple. You raise with a total of 20 or less. Otherwise you fold. This will give you an average return of 96.8%. 3 Card Rummy has an optional bonus bet, which has to be placed with the ante bet. The bonus bet pays out according to another payout table. The bonus bet offers an average return of 96.5%.

Comparing with the average return of some other Microgaming online casino games will put these average returns in perspective. Blackjack variants offer an average return of over 99% but you need to play with optimum strategy that is quite complex at least for new players. And if you play online blackjack without knowing the optimum strategy the average return can fall drastically. Online slots require no strategy and offer average returns of 95%. Therefore Microgaming 3 Card Rummy is a convenient middle path.