Understanding Auto Play in Microgaming Online Slots

November 7, 2015


Auto Play is a facility provided in online slot games that is perhaps not used to the fullest by casino players. In all spheres of life we now aim to automate repetitive tasks and Auto Play allows you to do the same. Using Auto Play you can run the slot machine a set number of times without having to manually click the Spin button after every spin. There is one important condition that you must keep in mind. All the auto spins will run with the same betting parameters. If you are the type of player who likes to change the bet amount after every few spins, then the Auto Play feature is not for you.

When a new slot game is released, there is considerable excitement about the audio visual features. It is understandable that you may not want to put the game on Auto Play then. But after a while these cease to interest. At that time the benefits of Auto Play are material. You can play more interactive games like blackjack or you can do some other work on your desktop, while the slots game plays on its own in the background. You can even move away from your computer and prepare your dinner or watch a television show, if you set the Auto Play for a sufficiently large number of spins. Some slots players have an apprehension that is not unfounded. In Auto Play you might land a big win early on that gets frittered away in the subsequent spins. If you were monitoring the game you would have cashed the big win and stopped playing. Most Auto Play features take care of this.

But first we look at how the Auto Play functions in contemporary Microgaming video slots. Changes have been made by Microgaming in their Auto Play feature over the years and here the latest online slots like Pistoleras and Titans of the Sun are used as reference. To activate the feature you click the Auto Play button. You can choose from simple options like running the Auto Play 10 times, 25 times, 50 times or 100 times. There is an Until Stop option. This will keep running the auto play till you manually stop it. In fact you can always stop the Auto Play manually whenever you want, no matter what option you started with. Finally there is a Custom option. This lets you choose the number of auto spins from 5 to 500. You can also enable the Auto Play to stop if the win exceeds a specified number of coins from 100 to 9,999.