Track Your Casino Play With Simple Spreadsheets

August 9, 2013


One of the most neglected aspects of online casino play is record keeping. Keeping good records protects you from a number of potential problems no matter how much or how little you play in online casinos. There are free pieces of casino software that are both downloadable and browser-based that like Open Office and Google Docs that can quickly and easily get you up and running in a matter of minutes if you want to start tracking your play. Here we'll show you how and why you should keep up with your play in online casinos.

Keeping up with your play is pretty simple if you do it right. Start out by making columns for the date, a line item description and a balance. All you need is three columns. What you will do is make a row for every deposit, playing session or withdrawal that you make from your casino account, and you'll keep a different tab in the spreadsheet for each account that you have at different online casinos. Make your first row today's date, your starting balance and the amount of your starting balance and go from there. It's that simple.

If you have any potential tax benefits from writing off gambling wins or losses, then you'll want something like a spreadsheet to prove that you've played the amount that you say you've played. It also helps to have visual proof in front of you when it comes to budgeting out how much money you want to put into your bankroll. In short, it's an important piece of money management to take the time to put in the appropriate values into your spreadsheet. Having it in front of you in black and white is more reliable than trying to try to rely on just transaction details from your bank account since you can break it down by playing session.

Finally, tracking your casino play with spreadsheets is an important step towards preventing problem gambling. When you can see exactly how much you are gambling and make conscious efforts to limit it to a specific amount, then it's difficult to develop a gambling problem as long as you stick to the plan. This goes hand in hand with solid bankroll management, and it's one of the main things that players can do to prove to significant others and other family members that their gambling is just a hobby and not a compulsive behavior.