Tips On Gamble Game In Online Pokies

August 28, 2015


Online pokies are not only about clicking the spin button and collecting the payouts on winning combinations. Quite a few online pokies at Australian online casinos from Microgaming and Playtech offer a feature called the Gamble Game, which gives you the option to stake your winnings from the pokies spin in a different type of game. If you win that game then your payouts are appropriately multiplied. But if you lose in the Gamble Game, then your wins from the pokies spin are forfeited and you are left with nothing. Microgaming and Playtech have structured their Gamble Game in a different manner.

In the Microgaming Gamble Game you have to stake the entire wins from the pokies spin or collect it and ignore the gamble option. You can try to double the win by guessing the colour of the next card dealt. Or you can try to quadruple the win by guessing the suit of the next card dealt.

In the Playtech online pokies you have three choices with the Gamble Game. You can skip it, or stake your entire win from the pokies spin or stake half your win and collect half. In the Playtech Gamble Game you will be dealt one card face up and four cards face down. You have to select one of the face down cards. If it is higher ranked than the face up card then the staked amount is doubled. If it is lower ranked than the face up card then you lose the staked amount.

Though the Gamble Game from the two online casino software providers are different in structure, they have two things in common. They offer mathematically correct odds without any house edge for the online casino. Also you can stake your payouts from the Gamble Game again until you reach a specified limit.

The Playtech Gamble Game is better than the Microgaming one. You should always book half your winnings so as to assure something in the kitty. Then you can risk multiplying the other half. In the Microgaming Gamble Game, if your payout is more than your wager in the pokies spin, then it does not make sense to activate the Gamble Game. If your payout is less than your wagered amount then the decision is not easy. It really depends on how risk averse you are. In any event play the gamble game only once or twice and do not go for broke.