Tips for Avoiding Spam from Online Casinos

September 9, 2016


Online casinos are notorious for spamming their players. Whether it be that you signed up but didn’t deposit or that you’ve already played, chances are that you’re already getting slammed with e-mails. It doesn’t stop however with e-mail spam once these online casinos have your details they’ll bombard you with spam by snail mail, spam by SMS. Any way that they can get their product in front of your eyes and attempt to incentivise your or create that impression that they are they will do and use any means they can.

Below we provide a listing of simple tips that you can follow in order to avoid getting caught up in the mass spamming you would otherwise.

Tip 1: Avoid Using Your Real Email Address

Create a Gmail, or account with any free e-mail service provider. Use this e-mail address with all online casinos that you choose to play at and never deviate from that. You can create and use more than one e-mail address if you wish but generally one will suffice. Whenever you communicate with online casinos use your alternate e-mail address. Keep in mind that you will likely need to use this e-mail account at some point whether it be to satisfy an online casinos due diligence requirements for details about yourself or other reasons of similar nature.

If you decide to use your real e-mail address be prepared for the fact that you’ll not only likely get bombarded with e-mails from the casino you registered to play at but many more. What a lot of players don’t realize is that many online casino operators run several online casinos. Take “The Palace Group” as an example they operate Jackpot City Casino, Spin Palace Casino, Gaming Club Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino, River Belle Casino and a few others. I can guarantee you that if you register and use your real e-mail address with one of these casinos that by the end of that week you’ll have at least 50 e-mails from them.

Tip 2: Avoid Using Your Real Phone Number

Because the new trend seems to be spam by way of SMS giving out your real phone number is not ideal either. Using a bogus number however that you cannot be reached on can be problematic and also if you’re not careful depending on the casino could result in the suspension or termination of your account.

One solution that will help avoid receiving countless SMS messages is to avoid using your mobile phone number. Rather using your home phone or other land line number that you have access to would be advisable. Here however although you may not receive 100’s of SMS messages it is possible that the casino may call to speak with you about promotions, etc…

For the real champions out there however there’s a better solution. It’s not cheap but can be multi-purposed and not only be used for when you play at online casinos but when you register with anything. The best option from my own personal experience is to create a Skype account and purchase what’s called a Skype-in number (info on how to get a skype-in number can be found here). This will give you an actual phone number that you can use in registration forms and works and that you can be reached on if you wished. To make it even more official you should create a voice message that identifies you as the owner of the phone number. That way if the casino ever does decide to call they’ll know that they’ve reached and can leave a message. In this case you can call them back based on the subject of the message if you choose to.

Tip 3: Avoid Using Your Real Home Address

Even companies as technologically advanced as online gambling companies still rely on snail mail as a means of getting your attention. From personal experience I know that after having used my real home address when registering at online casinos that I’ll never do that again. The sheer amount of junk mail boasting about promotions and other crap I get from numerous casinos now is pretty annoying.

The best solution here which although will cost you some money again like a Skype-in number as discussed in Tip #2 getting a P.O. Box is not a bad idea. This same P.O. Box can be used for many things aside from receiving your junk mail from online casinos as well. If you go this route I suggest opening a P.O. Box with Mailboxes etc ( you'll be sure to find them all over Australia.

You may wonder why you wouldn’t just use a bogus mailing address but again just like if you decide to use a phone number that is unreachable or not you the casino could close your account. Additionally, if you ever were to cashout and request check as a means of payment you would need to have a valid address in place in order to receive that check.


Online casinos are marketing machines plain and simple. They use every avenue they possibly can once they have you in their hooks to keep you coming back for more. At the end of the day if you’re not playing they’re not making money, just keep that in mind!