The Top Online Slot Progressive Jackpots in the World

July 12, 2013


Progressive jackpots are what pay out the biggest prizes in the online casino world. Because the prizes are allowed to build over days, weeks or even months, they turn into absolutely life-changing sums of money that are won several times each year. There are a few slots that regularly build jackpots larger than all of the rest, and these games are considered to be the crown jewels of their respective software companies. We're going to show you what some of these games are like and how big their jackpots get so that you can decide for yourself which one you can play.

When most people think big progressive jackpots, they'll usually think about the Mega Moolah video slot by Microgaming. This game holds the most positions on the top 10 jackpots ever awarded online, and everyone who wins the top progressive in this game turns into an instant millionaire. This is because the jackpot starts at one million dollars, and it only gets bigger from there. This jackpot has paid out eight-figure prizes before, so it's no surprise that it's one of the most popular progressive games in the world. Thousands play this game each month hoping to pick up one of the progressive jackpot prizes.

Beach Life is another huge progressive, but this one is provided by Playtech. This game doesn't offer jackpots quite as big as Mega Moolah, but they usually hit more often. Most winners on this game come out around the $2 million mark, so even though it doesn't give out eight-figure payouts, the frequent millionaires made by this game don't seem to mind. Playtech has a lot of hot games, but this one pays out the biggest. As the top progressive on the Playtech software, it gets a lot of attention, and the winners for this game are often celebrated with big press releases.

Microgaming and Playtech are the two largest and most successful online casino software companies in the world. Their games are available in hundreds of extremely popular casino sites. Beach Life and Mega Moolah are two of the most-played progressives in the industry because they are regularly paying out the largest jackpots available in casinos that use the software provided by these two companies. Several millionaires will be made this year by these two games, and many have already had their lives changed by picking up jackpots from these titles.