The Three Most Important Roulette Concepts to Know

April 4, 2014


It's true that roulette is a pretty easy game to learn to play because the rules are straight-forward without much in terms of complications. However, this can be a little deceptive to a degree because there are certain things that are extremely important to know about roulette that new players can miss out on. We want to give you a brief summary of three of the most important concepts to know and understand in roulette because we don't want you to fall into some of the traps that a lot of people do which can make your roulette experience less enjoyable.

The first concept to understand is that different styles of roulette can have drastically different payout rates. There are four typical styles of roulette. From order of best to worst in terms of payouts, they are: French roulette, European roulette, American roulette and mini roulette. You should never play American roulette or mini roulette. European roulette is going to be fine for most players, but French roulette gives you a slightly better deal on evens bets. Otherwise, there are no differences between European and French roulette, so picking either of them is going to be fine in the vast majority of cases.

The next concept you need to know is that there are simple ways of calculating the odds on different types of bets, and it's all based on simple division. Start off with the number 36, and divide 36 by however many numbers will win your bet. If you have a corner bet, then divide 36 by four. If you have a column bet, divide 36 by 12. After you do this division, subtract one to get the payout rate for your bet. So for a corner bet, you'd divide 36 by 4 to get 9 and then subtract 1 to get 8, so your payout rate on a corner bet is 8:1.

Finally, you need to know that you can mix and match different bets in roulette to create new strategies with multiple tiers of payouts. A lot of people don't realize the possibilities that come up when you do things like mix a column bet with an evens bet. Experimenting with different betting combinations and seeing what you like is a big part of having fun with roulette, and it's a part of what makes it a game that you enjoy over the long run.