The Quality And Variety Of Playtech Scratch Cards

October 16, 2015


The software provider Playtech offers a huge number of scratch cards in its portfolio. These are much better in quality and content because most of them are linked to the best Playtech online pokies. So players can get some of the feel of the pokies when they wager on the scratch cards. You will find scratch cards associated with both branded and regular pokies. Scratch cards based on branded Marvel Movie super hero online pokies include Elektra Scratch, Iron Man 2 Scratch and Blade Scratch. The other Playtech branded pokies such as The Mummy, Kong and Top Trumps Celebs also offer corresponding scratch cards. A Night Out Scratch and Easter Surprise Scratch are popular scratch cards based on regular online video pokies.

In order to maintain the connection, these scratch cards use the same graphics, symbols and styling as the online pokies. A Night Out online pokie is very popular with the women players. The scratch card uses the same three partying girls and the same drinks and has absorbed the popularity of the online pokie. In an unusual move, Playtech released the Spamalot Scratch before the online pokie. The win animations in the scratch card became so popular that players at Playtech online casinos waited impatiently for the release of the online pokie.

Apart from variety in content, Playtech also has variety in the structures of the scratch cards. The most common structure is the scratch card with nine squares in a 3×3 matrix. Each symbol has a specified payout ratio. If the card shows three identical symbols when scratched, then your bet is multiplied by the payout ratio for that symbol. A completely different structure displays the prize symbol outside the scratch card along with a payout value that is randomly selected but depends on the bet amount. The scratch card has six squares. If any of the symbols revealed on the scratch card matches with the prize symbol then you win the payout. Kong Scratch and Spamalot Scratch have this structure. Iron Man 2 Scratch combines both these structures. A random payout is displayed, but the prize symbol is always the reactor. In order to win, the reactor symbol has to appear in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. The other symbols do not pay out. Rocky Scratch has a unique structure. It is somewhat like a fixed odds arcade game. You pick an opponent for Rocky to fight. If Rocky wins the bout then you win the indicated payout.