The Great Wall of China refers to a series of fortifications built along the northern borders of the country as early as the 7th century B.C. It has since become viewed as an architectural wonder, and it’s inspired everything from movies to pokies. The latter is the subject of this review, specifically the new iSoftBet game known as The Great Wall.

Size of Wagers

Each spin of the reels requires the player to wager 20 coins. However, you do have the luxury of setting the value for these coins.

The smallest possible value is $0.01 per coin, for a total wager of $0.20. Meanwhile, the largest option is $1 per coin, for a top spin worth $20.

This makes The Great Wall pokie a suitable choice for those on a budget. However, high rollers aren’t likely to be satisfied with its smaller betting requirements.

Locating the Game

The Great Wall pokie is located at any online casino carrying products from iSoftBet. Before you sign up, though, make sure the casino has a solid reputation among players.

Personally, I suggest Joe Fortune Casino. It’s been around for years, and I’ve never had a problem with them. Their customer service department is especially easy to deal with.

Volatility and RTP

The Great Wall is a high volatility pokie. This means wins are large, but they don’t occur as often. This isn’t a good option for impatient players.

The RTP (“return to player”) indicates the average payback to the player. For example, a game with an RTP of 95% would (on average) pay back $95 for every $100 wagered.

The RTP for The Great Wall is listed as 96.23%. That’s about average for an online pokie.

Virtual reels on the Great Wall pokie

Great Wall Reel Prizes

Like most virtual slots, this game has five reels. However, it does have an interesting twist that sets it apart. Each reel has a prize above it, and these begin as the following multipliers: 12x, 8x, 15x, 5x, and 8x.

If an Emperor symbol lands on a reel, the player wins their wager multiplied by the value above the reel. For example, a player who wagered $20 would win $100 if the Emperor landed on the reel with the 5x multiplier.

As the game continues, these prizes move along the reels from right to left. Larger multipliers are available, as are free spins.

Great Wall Pay Table

The payouts listed below are in coins. To determine the actual value of a win, multiply the number by the selected coin value.

  • Jack – This traditional poker icon pays 2 coins for three matches, 10 for four, and 40 for five.
  • Queen – This symbol pays 3 coins for three matches, 15 for four, and 50 for five.
  • King – This golden-hued symbol is worth 4 coins for three matches, 20 for four, and 60 for five.
  • Ace – This is the game’s most valuable poker icon. It pays 5 coins for three matches, 30 for four, and 70 for five.
  • Golden Coins – This icon depicts three coins tied together with red string. When part of a winning line, it pays 10 coins for three matches, 40 for four, and 100 for five.
  • Golden Chest – This luxurious container pays 15 coins for three matches, 50 for four, and 125 for five.
  • Chinese Warriors – This symbol depicts a trio of brave Chinese warriors. They are worth 20 coins for three matches, 60 for four, and 250 for five.
  • Chinese Lady – This beautiful member of the nobility is worth 25 coins for three matches, 75 for four, and 500 for five.
  • Wild – Marked with gold and jade, this icon substitutes for any symbol to create winning combinations. The only exception is the Emperor icon.
  • Emperor – When this smiling ruler lands on a reel, the player receives the prize listed on the Great Wall above that reel. All winnings will either be multiples of the punter’s original wager or free spins.

Free Spins

In order to trigger this bonus, you’ll need to get an Emperor symbol on a reel that currently displays the Free Spins prize. This awards 10 free spins.

Multiplier prizes are larger during this phase, with some rising as high as 2000x. If you get the Double Win prize, all free spin wins to that point are instantly doubled. There’s also a +2 Spins icon, which grants the player two extra rotations of the reels.

Final Thoughts

The Great Wall is worth your time, especially if you’re a patient player. The wagers won’t destroy your bank account, and the rotating prizes create a profitable safety net.

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