The Different Draws You Regularly See in Video Poker

May 30, 2014


Other than one pair hands, it's pretty rare to be dealt a made hand in video poker. Because of this, you have to learn how to play your draws correctly. A lot of draw hands are very straight-forward since you have no other obvious way to play the hand, but sometimes you have to make decisions about different ways that the hand could go. When this is the case, you need to know a way to decide how to play the different draws that you're going to run into, and you also need to know which draw to take when you have multiple options.

We're going to split pairs up into two categories: high and low. High pairs can get their own payout, and low pairs cannot. Obviously, low pairs are going to be worth less than high pairs. These two types of hands should be your reference points for the different types of draws out there since all of your difficult hands are going to be a choice between a pair and a draw. We're going to show you how to rate different draws based on their relative values with these hands.

Let's start at the bottom with open-ended straight draws. These are worse than low pairs unless you have exactly KQJTT when the KQJT combo is slightly better than keeping TT. Flush draws, on the other hand, are better than low pairs. This is because they pay out higher than straight draws, and you have more ways to make a flush draw than a straight draw. Despite being better than low pairs, flush draws are still worse than high pairs, but that's not everything you need to know just yet because there are two other important types of draws to know.

Three cards to a royal flush make a very good draw because you can make big pairs and backdoor hands. Three to a royal is actually better than four to a regular flush, so you should break up that draw when you have the chance. With that having been said, a high pair is better than both of these types of draws. Other than that, you can have four to a royal flush which is better than a high pair. Not only that, but they're also so strong that they're better than made straight or flushes in a surprising twist for some players.