The Basics Of Progressive Jackpot Online Pokies

July 3, 2015


Progressive jackpot pokies are always in the news because some player at some online casino is always hitting a big win on one of them. This definitely must have tempted you to try your luck on these at Australian online casinos. If lack of knowledge about progressive jackpot pokies is holding you back then read on and remove your doubts.

A progressive jackpot pokie is one in which the top payout is not fixed. A part of every wager on that pokie increases the jackpot payout by a small amount. Therefore the jackpot ticker keeps on increasing until the jackpot is hit. The progressive pokie is then reset to its base amount and starts rising from there. Beyond this basic definition there are different ways of classifying progressive jackpot pokies according to different characteristics.

The most common classification has to do with the mechanism by which the progressive jackpot is hit. In the conventional progressive pokies the jackpot is hit when you get five of a specified symbol on a payline. One of the most popular progressive pokies of this type at Australian online casinos is Beach Life from the software provider Playtech. The progressive jackpot is hit when you land five sun symbols on the 20th payline.

In the other mechanism the progressive jackpot is hit randomly after any spin. In such online pokies you must keep one thing in mind. The larger your wager per spin, the greater will be your chance of hitting the progressive jackpot. Some online pokies of this type have a multi-level progressive jackpot. Randomly a bonus game is triggered and in that game you are guaranteed to win one of the progressive jackpots. The Marvel superhero pokies from Playtech are networked to this kind of progressive jackpot.

The other classification has to do with the amount of payout and the frequency of the hit. Some progressive jackpot pokies regularly pay out in millions of dollars but are not hit very frequently. You have to persevere on them for quite some time. An example is Mega Moolah from Microgaming. This progressive jackpot pokie resets at a million dollars and therefore pays more than that. Its average payout in the recent past has been over AU$3 million and it has hit every 75 days on an average. Then you have progressive jackpot pokies that hit very frequently but pay much smaller amounts. The CashSplash progressive pokie hits almost daily and pays about AU$25,000.

All these progressive pokies are live at Australian online casinos. Pick the type that suits you best and start wagering today.