Temujin Treasures is the latest online pokie from Pragmatic Play. Of course, this raises the question, “What the heck is a Temujin?” Luckily, I’ve got your answer.

Temujin is the birth name of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire. Living from around 1158 to 1227, he’s considered one of the greatest conquers in history. He’s also known for his brutality, with his forces being responsible for the deaths of millions and the near eradication of several ancient civilizations.

Fortunately, this pokie doesn’t deal with weighty topics such as genocide. Rather, it focuses on the usual slot machine fare, which you can read about in the following review.

Finding the Game

You can only play this pokie at online casinos offering titles from Pragmatic Play. For Australian punters, this includes sites such as Tangiers Casino, Rich Casino, and Woo Casino. I suggest the latter option, as their selection and customer service are above average.

High Volatility

Pragmatic Play has a lightning bolt scale to indicate the volatility of their pokies. One bolt is at the low end, while five bolts is the highest.

Temujin Treasures sits at the top end of the scale with five lightning bolts. This means that regular wins are more spread out, but there’s also an increased chance of getting large wins closer together.

Return to Player

This percentage indicates the expected per-spin payout of a pokie. Of course, this is only an average, as the RTP fluctuates greatly during a handful of spins. However, it should prove accurate over thousands of rotations.

The RTP for Temujin Treasure is 96.55%, though this drops to 96.49% when the “Buy Bonus” is selected. Either of these numbers is solid for a virtual pokie, and they’re certainly better than brick-and-mortar games.

Betting Options

This poker machine offers 40 different wagers to players. If you’re playing on a limited budget, then you may want to go with the minimum of $0.38 (which is an unusual number). Meanwhile, high rollers can risk major money with the maximum bet of $190 per spin. As you can see, the range on this game makes it suitable for everyone.

Temujin Treasures Paytable

This section lists the game’s symbols, as well as their payouts. Just keep in mind that cash prizes vary, especially when you start altering the wager. For the examples below, I’m using a wager of $57 per spin.

You’ll notice that the individual payouts below look rather small in relation to the player’s bet. However, this game uses the Megaways system, allowing you to win on up to 1,024 ways per spin.

  • Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace – Each of these poker symbols offer a payout of $3 for three matches, $4.50 for four, and $7.50 for five.
  • Coins and Container – These symbols both pay $4.50 for three matches, $7.50 for four, and $15 for five.
  • Lotus – Pays $7.50 for three, $15 for four, and $22.50 for five.
  • Jade Elephant – Worth $15 for three matches, $22.50 for four, and $37.50 for five.
  • Temujin – Valued at $30 for three, $60 for four, and $150 for five.
  • Golden Tiger Head – This is the game’s wild symbol, and it appears on reels two through four. It substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus and Firecracker Wild.
  • Golden Dragon Head – This is the Bonus symbol, and it appears on reels two through four. Three of these symbols trigger the Wheel with Free Games Bonus.

Wild Switch Feature

When six or more of the same symbols appear on the reels, they transform into wilds. This applies to both the base game and free spins.

Wheel with Free Games Bonus

This feature triggers when three bonus symbols land on the reels. This is followed by the appearance of a wheel of fortune, where you can win free spins, winning multipliers, or fixed jackpots.

Despite their description, the fixed jackpots change to reflect your wager. Using the $57 example from earlier, the jackpots would pay:

  • Mini – $1,596
  • Minor – $5,016
  • Major – $16,416
  • Grand – $506,616

When the wheel stops on a multiplier or jackpot, the prize is awarded and then values on the wheel are increased. If the wheel awards free games, then those begin immediately (bringing the wheel spinning to a close). After five spins, only free spin spaces remain on the wheel of fortune.

During the free spins, watch out for the Firecracker symbol. It can appear on reels two through four, and it offers one of the following:

  • One to five extra spins
  • Random money (worth 100x to 5000x the bet per line)
  • Wild with multiplier (from 1x to 5x)
  • Fixed jackpot

Buy Bonus

If you’re an impatient player, you can trigger the bonus round by buying it. This is done on the main screen, and it costs 100x the player’s current wager.

Final Thoughts

Due to the game’s solid RTP, I would recommend Temujin Treasures to any pokie devotee. The wheel of fortune and jackpots are major selling points, as well as the usual design quality from Pragmatic Play. Finally, there’s the range of wagers, which render the game suitable for players of all income levels.

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