Statistics Feature in Microgaming Online Casino Games

December 27, 2015


Microgaming is the preferred software provider to Australian online casinos because it offers more than its competitors. One feature you will find in all Microgaming casino games is Statistics. The software collects information as you play the games and presents the data in a coherent and useful manner. Each casino games category has tailor made statistics suited to its characteristics.

The online slots, being games of luck only, have the simplest statistics. The Spin Results display the number of spins played and the session time. From this the software computes rate of play in spins per hour. This information is useful in bankroll management and allows the player to set how much he should wager on a spin. Also, if the player finds that this speed is too slow then he can exercise the Quick Spin or Auto Play options. The Highest Wins display the amounts of the three highest wins in the session.

The blackjack games statistics box has four tabs. The General tab provides similar information discussed in the online slots example above. The Dealer Hand tab displays the frequency of important final hand values achieved from a given initial card of the dealer. If you have played sufficiently large number of hands, this will tell you say, the probability of the dealer busting when he starts with 9 as the face up card. Once you are aware of these probabilities then you can decide whether to hit or stand in a given situation. Unfortunately the Microgaming statistics are reset to zero when the session ends. If you have accumulated credible statistics it is worthwhile saving the screenshots. The third tab is Starting Hand Comparisons. This shows the frequency of the starting scenario with the value of the player’s starting hand indexed against the dealer’s face up card. You should perfect the optimum strategy for starting combinations that occur more frequently. The last tab is Final Hand Comparisons. From this you can tell in what manner the online blackjack games are most likely to end.

Online video poker is another game category in which the Microgaming statistics can be useful. In this case the statistics box has three tabs. The first is the General tab. The second tab is Win Summary. This indicates the frequency of the various final hand rankings that you have ended up with. The most important tab is Optimal Play. This tab is active only when you play in the Expert mode with Show Hints enabled. Whenever you deviate from optimum strategy, the software drops a hint and this section tracks how often you have been wrong and with what results.