Specialty Games Available for Play at Casinos

July 3, 2012


The Specialty Games section here at Australian Casino Sites provides information about specialty games, reviews of the best specialty games at online casinos and news and articles about specialty games. These different sections can be accessed using the Quick Links given below. The About Specialty Games will be useful for new players.

About Specialty Games

Online casino games that do not fit into slots, table games and video poker categories are classified as specialty games. There are usually three types of games in this category, which are keno, bingo and scratch cards. Online keno is played in a manner similar to the brick and mortar game. Players mark their numbers on a card. Then numbers are drawn at random. The payout is determined by the matches made. Even though the payouts are large, they are not commensurate with the risk and the average return to the player is low. Therefore keno is not a popular game at online casinos.

Bingo at online casino is played somewhat differently than at online bingo halls. Players do not compete against each other to see who completes the patterns first. Players have to complete the patterns within specified number of calls in order to win payouts. Not many software providers offer bingo based games at their online casinos. But those that do so offer a fair bit of variety.
Scratch cards are the most popular specialty game at online casinos. Since the games are simple and complete very quickly many online casino players use them as fillers. Over the last few years both the quality and quantity of scratch cards has increased. Like online slot games, the scratch cards have become thematic in content with high quality graphics, animations and audio. There is variety in the structure as well. Some of the best scratch cards are offered at Playtech online casinos. Many of them are based on their online slot games and some even offer progressive jackpots.

Some software providers offer fixed odds or instant win games. In some cases these are clubbed with specialty games and in some cases they are listed in an independent category. These games include Hi Lo type games, virtual racing games and arcade type games.