Special Online Video Poker Games From Realtime

September 22, 2017


All online casinos offer the standard video poker variants like Jacks or Better and Deuces. But if you want to try out something different you can sign up at Australian online casinos powered by Realtime Gaming. Fair Go, Ace Pokies and Majestic Slots Club. The online video poker variants are described below.

Most online video poker variants are based on the draw poker concept. You are dealt five cards and can replace any number of them to form the final hand. Realtime Gaming offers a video poker game called 7 Stud Poker in its portfolio. It is based on stud poker in which players are dealt seven cards in stages with intermediate betting. Finally they pick the five cards that form the best poker hand to compare against the payout table. You start as usual by selecting the coin size and wagering up to five coins. Then cards are dealt to the first and third positions. You have the option of raising the bet by the same amount or of continuing with the same bet. If you have raised then a card is dealt to the fifth position. Again the same two options are available. If you have raised then a card is dealt to the sixth position. Again the same two options are available. After this all the remaining cards are dealt at once. If you have not raised then the remaining cards are immediately dealt. The best five card hand is automatically chosen and compared with the payout table. The payout table begins with three of a kind that pays 1 to 1 and goes up to royal flush that pays 25 to 1.

Mystery Bonus Poker is based on Jacks or Better but there are two material differences. Before the hand is dealt the mystery hand ranking is displayed on the screen. If you finally get this hand ranking then the payout is enhanced by a multiplier. The multiplier is not uniform for all hand rankings. It is higher for higher ranked hands. The objective therefore changes from trying for the highest possible hand ranking to the mystery hand ranking. In order to compensate for this some of the payouts in the normal Jacks or Better payout table are reduced. The payout for full house is reduced to 8:1 from 9:1 and the payout for flush is reduced to 5:1 from 6:1.