Some Tips On Setting Online Pokies Bets

June 2, 2017


The first thing that you need to do when you play online pokies is set the bet amount. In many of the new online pokies all paylines are enabled by default. In the older video pokies you have the option of selecting the number of paylines. There is only one inviolable rule in pokies play. It is play with all paylines enabled. So if you are playing the older pokies you have to activate all paylines for best results.

Then you have to set the bet per payline. The total bet per spin is the product of the number of paylines and the line bet. In all ways online pokies a fixed multiplier is used instead of the number of paylines, which will be 243 in the very least. The total bet has to be in consonance with your bankroll. Too high a total bet may result in your bankroll getting depleted fast. Too small a total bet may result in payouts that are not enough for your liking. In order to get the right total bet you have to choose the right line bet. The line bet is the product of the number of coins per payline and the coin size. You choose these so that you get the line bet that you want.

The next important question is whether you keep the line bet (and therefore the total bet) constant throughout the session or whether you change it as required. Unfortunately there is no fixed correct answer. You will find several strategies on the Internet. They usually advocate increasing the stake when you win and decreasing the stake when you lose according to some fixed pattern. The problem with such theories is that they ignore the fact that each spin of the pokie is independent of the previous spins.

You need to take a much larger view and be flexible based on your gut feeling. Keep with your chosen bet until you win an amount significantly larger than the total amount wagered till that spin. Supposing that you start with total bets of AU$5. After 20 spins you would have spent AU$100. Suppose on your 20th spin you win an amount of AU$1500. It is only then that you can think about playing with higher stakes. How much you should increase depends on various factors such as how long you want to continue playing and whether you want cash out any of your winnings.