Simple Fixed Odds Games at Playtech Sites

January 6, 2017


There are two simple games all of us have played when we were young. One is tossing coins and the other is rock, paper and scissors. Playtech has turned these children’s pastimes into fixed odd arcade games. With these fast paced casino games not only can you unwind from the focus of serious gambling but can relive childhood memories as well. Heads or Tails and Rock Paper Scissors can be played at Playtech online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.

The simplest way to play Heads or Tails is by flipping one coin once. In the Playtech arcade game you select 1 coin play and Flip 1x. Then you have to select the bet, which can be as high as $100, and whether you want to bet on heads or tails. When the game is activated, the coin is flipped once. If you have guessed right then you receive a payout of 1.9 times, which includes the stake. The mathematically fair payout should be 2 times, but the online casinos need a house edge. The arcade game can be taken to the next level by flipping the single coin two times or three times. You win if you guess correctly on each flip. The payouts for the Flip 2x and Flip 3x are 3.8 times and 7.5 times respectively. Further complexities have been added through the 2 coins play options with Flip 1x, Flip 2x and Flip 3x. You have to select the outcomes for each coin and each flip and be correct on all counts in order to win.

Rock Paper Scissors is played in the same manner as the actual game. You first choose one from rock, paper and scissors and your choice will be confirmed in the animation. The choice of the second player is made randomly. If both choose the same option then the bet pushes. If the player wins then the payout is 1.9 times, including the staked amount. You can also bet on a winning streak of 2, 3 or 4 outcomes. You have to win each time. You can change your selection of rock, scissor or paper each time. However, in this format you will lose on ties. This disadvantage is factored in the payouts. The payout a 2 streak outcome is 8.7 times, the payout for a 3 streak outcome is 26 times and the payout for a 4 streak outcome is 78 times. Mathematically inclined players will realise that there is a house edge involved.