Power Spins Online Pokies With Extra Benefits

December 30, 2016


Some online pokies give players additional choices to make. The simplest format is that by placing an additional wager an additional feature becomes available. One example of this is the series of three online pokies from Microgaming sub titled Power Spins. Their actual names are Sonic 7s, Atomic 8s and Nuclear 9s. These online pokies are live at all Microgaming powered Australian online casinos like Casino Mate, Jackpot City and Platinum Play.

Power Spins Sonic 7s has symbols from classic pokies such as 7s of different colours, single, double and triple bars along with cherries and bell. The symbols are given a steel blue colour. The wild symbol is the game logo and the scatter symbol is the scatter logo. When the Power Spins feature is activated, all the 9 paylines are automatically enabled and an extra amount equal to three times the line bet is added to the stake. The benefit that you get in return is that each wild symbol in a winning combination individually doubles the payouts. Two wild symbols multiply the payout 4x, three wild symbols multiply the payout 6x and four wild symbols multiply the payout 8x.

Microgaming followed up with the launch of Power Spins Atomic 8s. This video pokie uses the same symbols, but gives them a flaming background. The atom logo is the wild symbol and the radioactive sign is the scatter symbol. The Power Spins works in exactly the same way as far as the cost is concerned, but offers a different benefit in Atomic 8s. Winning combinations pay out both left to right and right to left. So you get many more winning opportunities.

Nuclear 9s is the third and as yet final online pokie in the Microgaming Power Spins series. It also has 9 paylines and uses the same symbols on the reels. The difference in this case is that the background is of a deep green colour. These differences give each of the Power Spins online pokies their own visual identity. The game logo is the wild symbol and the nucleus of the atom is the scatter symbol. The benefit offered by the Power Spins feature is today given the name Rolling Reels by Microgaming. The symbols in winning combinations disappear and new symbols fall down in the empty places. If winning combinations are formed again then the process repeats. With each repetition the payout multiplier will increase by 1x.