Pragmatic Play has released another online pokie, and this one is titled Power of Thor. It features the iconic god of thunder, although he looks a bit different than the version from Marvel Comics.

If you’re into dwarves and other fantasy races, then be sure to check out the following review. And even if you’re not, I suggest learning more about this excellent gaming option.

Level of Volatility

Pragmatic Play provides a handy volatility ranking for your convenience. Appropriately enough, the scale runs from one to five lightning bolts, with five being the highest.

Poker of Thor has a level five volatility. This means that wins won’t occur as often, but you’ll have a better chance of getting big payouts closer together.


This poker machine uses the Megaways system. All symbols pay from left to right on adjacent reels, with reels one and six having up to seven symbols. Meanwhile, reels two through five have up to six symbols, with another symbol on the top row.

In addition to the usual reels running up and down, there’s a top reel that runs right to left. It spins independently from the other reels.

Each spin results in a varying amount of winning ways. The maximum number of ways is 117,649, and multiple wins are added together. To see how many you get on an individual spin, just check the counter in the upper-right corner.

Wager Range

This game has 40 different wagers. The lowest of these is $0.20, while the highest is $100. This makes the pokie suitable for most players, although true high rollers may want to look elsewhere.

Return to Player

Also known as “RTP,” this indicates the long-term payout of a pokie. For example, a machine with a 93% RTP pays an average of $93 for every $100 wager.

This is the most important part of the game, but keep in mind that it varies in the short term. However, if you’re committed to playing a pokie for thousands of spins, then you should achieve this percentage.

The RTP for Power of Thor is 96.55%. That’s a solid percentage for an online slot, and it far exceeds what you’ll find at land-based casinos.

Tumble Feature

After winning symbols are paid, they fall off the screen and are replaced with new symbols. This continues until no more winning combos are formed. While it’s already factored into the game’s RTP, I still consider it to be a nice addition.

Power of Thor Paytable

In this section, we’ll look at the pokie’s reel symbols and their potential payouts. The payout value changes to reflect the player’s wager, and the following examples use of bet of $50 per spin.

  • Nine – This lowest poker icon pays $5 for three matches, $10 for four, $20 for five, and $30 for six.
  • Ten – Worth $5 for three matches, $10 for four, $20 for five, and $40 for six.
  • Jack – Pays $7.50 for three, $12.50 for four, $25 for five, and $45 for six.
  • Queen – Valued at $7.50 for three, $12.50 for four, $25 for five, and $50 for six.
  • King – Worth $10 for three matches, $20 for four, $25 for five, and $62.50 for six.
  • Ace – Pays $10 for three, $20 for four, $30 for five, and $75 for six.
  • Female Dwarf – Valued at $12.50 for three matches, $25 for four, $37.50 for five, and $100 for six.
  • Male Dwarf with Hammer – Worth $25 for three, $50 for four, $75 for five, and $125 for six.
  • Male Dwarf with Axe – Pays $25 for three matches, $100 for four, $125 for five, and $250 for six.
  • Thor – Depicted as a dwarf, the Norse god of thunder pays $25 for two matches, $50 for three, $250 for four, $500 for five, and $1000 for six.
  • Wild – This icon substitutes for all symbols except the scatter and Thor’s hammer. It appears on reels two through five, as well as the top row.
  • Scatter – Appears as one of the letters in the word “Thor.” If the word “Thor” is spelled fully, then the Free Spins bonus activates.
  • Thor’s Hammer – Only appears on the top rows of reels two through five, and always take up two positions. When this symbol is fully visible on the top row, all reel symbols directly below are transformed into wilds.

Free Spins

This bonus activates when four or more scatter symbols form the word “Thor” on the reels. Rewards include the following:

  • Four scatters forming “Thor” result in 10 free spins.
  • Five scatters forming “Thor” and one “+4” results in 14 free spins.
  • Six scatters forming “Thor” and two “+4” results in 18 free spins.
  • Seven scatters forming “Thor” and three “+4” results in 22 free spins.
  • Eight scatters forming “Thor” and four “+4” results in 26 free spins.
  • Nine scatters forming “Thor” and five “+4” results in 30 free spins.

If 10 to 18 free spins were won, you have the option of gambling for more. A wheel of fortune spins, and you’ll either win four extra spins or lose them all. If desired, you can continue to gamble until you’ve won 22 spins. Please keep in mind that you can skip this option (which I suggest).

You’ll start the round with a x1 multiplier. Until the end of the bonus round, each tumble increases the multiplier by x1. You can also get an additional four spins by hitting three scatter symbols.

The maximum winnings during this bonus equal 5000x the initial wager. If you manage to reach this amount, the bonus round automatically stops.

You can also pay a flat fee to activate the bonus round. This costs 100x your wager, and, while expensive, impatient players may want to give it a try.

Final Thoughts

With a solid RTP, engaging visuals, and a variety of features, Power of Thor is an excellent addition to the Pragmatic Play family of pokies. If you’re a fan of fantasy role-playing games or Norse mythology, then add it to the top of your list.

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