Pluses And Minuses Of Online Baccarat

July 8, 2016


The most exhilarating gambling games are the ones in which you directly compete against other players. Poker cash games is the most common example. A land casino baccarat variant called Chemin de Fer also raises the heartbeats. It is the game that you would see in the older Bond movies, notably in the original Casino Royale. The players bid for the Banker position, with the highest bidder winning. He then becomes the house and all the other players wager against him. The Banker position rotates according to the casino rules. As in poker, the casino takes a rake from every pot.

The baccarat variant played at online casinos is a very simple and comparatively unexciting affair. It is modelled after another land casino baccarat variant called Punto Banco. The advantage is that the strategy is so simple that you can say that for all practical purposes no strategy is involved. The average returns to the player are almost 99%, which is by far the highest for casino games involving no strategy.

A baccarat hand is played by the dealer between the Player and Banker positions. The online players can bet on the Player, the Banker or a number of side bets offered. The cards are dealt exactly according to predetermined rules with no discretion allowed. The dealer plays out the entire game and declares the winner. If you have bet on the Banker and the Banker wins then you get paid even money, but with a 5% commission deducted from the payout. If you have bet on the Player and the Player wins then you get paid even money. The house edge on the Banker bet is 1.06%. The house edge on the Player bet is 1.24%. The house edges on the side bets are so high that you can forget all about them.

The only way to play online baccarat is to back the Banker bet after bet. It is not a very interesting proposition, nor a remotely challenging one. You cannot lose very much playing online baccarat, if you play as indicated for a reasonable stretch of time. But then you will not win very much either. Online baccarat is a grinder’s game. Online casino software providers know this and they try to make the game more interesting through visual antics. You may be allowed to peek at the hand you have bet on and then turn it face up on the table.