Playtech's What's Cooking Video Slot Review

April 11, 2014


There are two pieces of information that you should know before you play a video slot. The first is the value of the top jackpots and payouts, and the second is how balanced the paytable is in general. With the What's Cooking video slot by Playtech, you'll get the best of both worlds since it has a five-figure top jackpot and a balanced paytable that's good enough to give the game a medium overall volatility. This is a cool game with a cooking and food theme, and the features really come together with the theme to create a great gaming experience.

With What's Cooking, you're going to have 30 paylines that go across five reels to give you several ways to win on every spin you take. The coins go from $0.01 to $5.00 each, so the minimum bet size is $0.30 per spin. However, since you have the ability to bet up to 10 coins on each payline in this game, you could play with up to 300 coins at a value of up to $5.00 each for a maximum bet per spin of $1,500. Needless to say, this game covers all players at all levels no matter how much or how little you want to bet.

The oven is the most important thing when it comes to cooking, so it makes sense that it's the wild symbol in this game. As you might expect, five wilds on an activated payline is responsible for the top jackpot, and that payout is worth 10,000x. You can also get a couple of four-figure payouts with the scatters or four of the wild symbol. Something that's really cool about this game is that it includes the Dollar Ball jackpot side bet that's essentially a progressive jackpot-style lottery with a few static payouts that you can get in on with a side bet of $1. This side bet doesn't affect the main game at all.

The bonus feature is pretty cool in this game. There's a cookbook symbol that will show up sometimes on the first and last reels. If you get both of them on the reel at the same time, then you'll be taken to a bonus screen where you'll have to choose the ingredients for a sandwich. From there, you'll be given your number of free spins and your multiplier. You can win multipliers up to 5x, and this makes the free spins particularly valuable.