Playtech's Ultimate Fighters Video Slot Review

March 14, 2014


Over the past four or five years, there have been a number of big changes in how certain type of media use fighting. Mixed-martial arts has become extremely popular on a global level, for example. In another example, fighting game tournaments have become pretty famous for franchises like Street Fighter. Along these lines, Playtech knows the value of this type of theme, and they have harnessed it with the Ultimate Fighters slot. This game has a very atypical format that you won't find often, and it has a cool side game based on trying to win a fight.

The Ultimate Fighters video slot uses three reels with three symbols each and a total of eight paylines. There are paylines that go horizontally, vertically and even diagonally in this game, so you'll be able to get paid in many different directions. The coins in this game range to between $0.01 and $5.00 each with the chance to bet anywhere from 1 to 3 coins on each payline. With all paylines activated, you're looking at a $0.08 minimum bet. With the betting format, you can really change your bet sizes down to a precise level that you don't normally find in video slots.

The way this game's payouts work are a little atypical. Each normal payout requires three of a kind, and there is also a scatter that needs at least four symbols for a payout. The way the paylines intersect make it easy to get multi-line wins, so there's a bit of a give and take here. If you get the scatter on all nine spots, then you'll get a massive payout worth 1,000 times your entire bet, and this is the largest single payout you can get since it's worth a 9,000x line bet. There's a more traditional jackpot payout at the 5,000x levle for three of the pink mask symbols.

If you get three bonus symbols on a payline, then you get a shot at a bonus feature where there's a fight going on. This feature works like rock, paper, scissors, and you get a chance to beat the opponent across a number of rounds. Winning and tying get payouts, but losing does not. You'll have a nice payout a vast majority of the time from this round. This is a bit different than most slots, but it's a great experience with good payouts.