Playtech's Highway Kings Pokie Review

December 19, 2014


Playtech is a great casino software provider because they're able to take somewhat plain themes and turn them into great titles with excellent gameplay. Highway Kings can be seen as an answer to critics who would say that Playtech's only good games are based around popular brands like movies, television shows, comic book characters, etc. It uses a trucking theme, and it combines a large top jackpot with a medium overall volatility. This game is also extremely accessible to low stakes players with bet sizes under $0.10 per spin with all features activated and ready to go.

Solid gameplay used to dominate the pokies landscape, and that's exactly what you get with the five-reel, three-row format uses in Highway Kings. There are nine total paylines in this game, and you need to keep them all activated at all times. Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $5.00 each, though you can only bet a single coin on each payline. This will give you the ability to bet anywhere from $0.09 to $45 per spin making this game particularly accessible to players at all stakes. This is one of the reasons why this game has continued to be a fan favorite over the years.

There's a wild truck in this game, and it's the red one. Make sure you know that when you sit down to play because there are multiple truck symbols available. Five of the wild truck will give you the top 10,000x payout. You'd think that there would be a huge drop down to like 1,000x for the next payout, but that's not the case since a 5,000x pay is available for five of the yellow truck. Other wins are available at the 1,000x level with two different ways to win.

The muffler is the scatter symbols, and they can give you big payouts worth up to 100 times your total bet which is like a 900x line bet. There are more than 40 ways to win in this game, and something you'll notice is that all of the value comes from the regular paytable instead of bonus features that rarely hit. This gives the game its lower volatility and gives you the ability to cash in with more frequent wins while maintaining the chance of hitting a large 10,000x payout. Overall, this is a great game with a high hit-rate and a balanced volatility.