Playtech's Cute & Fluffy Pokie Review

May 8, 2015


Playtech has built up a lot of high-quality games with solid gameplay experiences based on a wide range of themes. The Cute & Fluffy pokie uses a pet shop theme with a lot of absurdly cute puppies and kittens. In terms of gameplay, this is a very high-volatility game with lots of large payouts and not much in the way of small or medium wins. Along these lines, you're advised to use smaller bet sizes and longer sessions to smooth out the swings. Overall, this is a very fun game, but the cuteness can be a bit too much if that's not your sort of thing.

Cute and Fluffy uses 25 paylines with five reels and three rows. Coins range from the low end at $0.01 to the high end of $0.25 apiece. You can bet up to 10 coins on each of the 25 paylines, so bet sizes start at just $0.25 per spin and go up to a whooping $62.50 per spin. It goes without saying that all players at all stakes will have an appropriate bet size to choose from with this game.

The main symbol that will affect your gameplay the most is the wild puppy. He shows up as stacked on all five reels, and that means you'll have chances for some major payouts on the same spin. Five puppies on an activated payline gets you a 10,000x jackpot win, but chances are that you'll nail more than one of these at a time because they always show up as stacked. Four will get you a 2,500x win, and 1,000x is given for five of the bags of food. These are some very top-heavy payouts, and the stacked wild puppies will help you to nail more of the smaller end wins.

The dog biscuit symbol is the key to the free spins. They collect on each reel until you get four on the same reel during your session, and you'll be given a 4x instant win on the total size of your bet. On top of that, you'll get five free spins with a 2x multiplier on all wins. Every bone that shows up during the free spins gives you another set of five free spins, so you can easily re-trigger this feature several times over. This game is very much geared towards longer sessions, so make sure to adjust your bet sizes accordingly.