Playtech's Chinese Kitchen Pokie Review

August 15, 2014


There are a lot of patterns that have been established for games in the online pokies world. Chinese Kitchen by Playtech is a big departure from a lot of those patterns. This game has been described as having the classic style because it uses three reels, but that is not an accurate description at all. It's really just a game that you have to see to understand, and it has a high volatility with a lot of ways to win. This is a lot different experience than what you're normally going to find with online pokies, and this is why it appeals to a lot of people.

As mentioned above, Chinese Kitchen has three reels, but there are eight different paylines. The paylines are three horizontal lines, three vertical lines and both diagonals. Coins range from $0.01 to $5 each with the ability to bet up to three coins on each of the eight paylines. It's in your best interest to have all eight paylines activated, but you can set the number of coins and coin sizes however you want after that without affecting your payout rates. This makes Chinese Kitchen perfect for low stakes players since bets go all the way down to $0.08 per spin.

You're going to see all kinds of crazy symbols used in this pokie like ducks, crabs, octopus, frogs, turtles, snails and fish. The crab is an important symbol in this game because you can win with just one or two of it while the rest of the winning combinations require three symbols. Three of the turtle gives you the top jackpot of 1,000x, but because it's relatively easy to hit big payouts on multiple lines at once, it's possible to get payouts much larger than that on a single spin.

This game really breaks out of the mold of what you typically find in online pokies, and that's one of the reasons why it has seen a high level of popularity even though it's a three-reel game. Standing out is often seen as very difficult in today's online casino industry, but Playtech has been able to do it with this game. You can get in on the high-paced action for anywhere from $0.08 per spin to over $100 per spin, so it's obvious that this agme is going to appeal to just about everybody at every level of stakes.