Playing at Online Casinos with Higher Payouts

June 29, 2012


Players wanting to spend long times wagering at online casinos should clearly understand the concept of payout percentage. An online casino game with a higher payout percentage will in the long run allow players to stretch their bankrolls over larger wagers. Therefore one must know which games offer higher payout percentages.

Learning More About Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

All online casino games have a house edge. While some players may win large amounts from time to time, on an average the online casino will take in a small amount from each bet. This is because the odds offered are marginally less than the mathematically correct odds. The ratio of the amount that the players have won over a period of time to the amount that they have wagered over the same period of time expressed as a percentage is known as payout percentage. Some online casinos use the term Return to Player (RTP), which is the same as the payout percentage. Because of the inherent house edge the payout percentage will be a little less than 100%.

Different game categories have different payout percentages. Online slots will have payout percentages typically between 94% and 96%. Video poker games theoretically should have payout percentages around 99%. But video poker is a game of skill. Since all players do not use the optimum strategies the actual payout percentages will be a bit lower. Table games have a wide variance in payout percentages. Blackjack games are games of skill, and like video poker games have theoretical payout percentages of about 99% and actual payout percentages that are a bit lower. Roulette variants offer payout percentages between 94.75% and 98.50%. Casino poker games have payout percentages ranging from 95% upwards.

It is also important to know how payout percentages are computed. In some casino games like roulette and craps the payout percentages can be mathematically calculated from the odds offered. In games like blackjack and video poker the theoretical payout ratios are arrived at by simulating tens of thousands of hands using optimum play. Most online casinos engage independent experts to compute actual payout percentages across different games categories from the actual wagering information. Many online casinos report these payout percentages at their web sites.

It is evident that wagering on casino games with higher payout percentages is more beneficial. Since the retention of the bankroll is greater in these games, the bankroll can be stretched further. Casino Daily helps players with payout percentages in two ways. Its game reviews inform players which online casino games offer higher payout percentages. For example European Roulette offers significantly higher payout percentage than American Roulette. Casino Daily also evaluates online casinos based on the payout percentages of the games mix offered by them. The online casinos that have the highest payout percentages are listed under Best Payout Casinos. Wagering at these casinos will make bankrolls run for longer periods.