Play to Win With Double Double Bonus Poker

December 14, 2012


Video poker is a complicated kind of game in a lot of ways. There are dozens of different variations of video poker, and while they all have basic rules that you can follow, each of them is very different when it comes to certain types of situations. Double Double Bonus Poker is a game that is similar to Jacks or Better video poker in many ways, but the correct strategy is often vastly different. In what follows, we're going to introduce you to Double Double Bonus Poker and show you how to change up your strategy to take advantage of the structure of the paytable.

The first thing that you need to understand about this game is that the paytable is different when it comes to pair-based hands. A single pair of jacks or better will get you a 1x payout, but so will two pair. Three of a kind has a standard 3x payout, and a straight has a standard 4x payout. A flush and full house will usually have a 6x and 9x payout, respectively. Aside from the lower two pair payout rate, this is a normal paytable so far. Here's where the changes begin.

Four of a kind in fives through kings will get you a 50x payout. Four of a kind in twos through fours will get you an 80x payout if your kicker is a five through king, but it will get you a larger 160x payout if your kicker is a two, three or four. Four of a kind in aces gets the big 160x payout right away for kickers of five through king. However, you can get a monster 400x payout for four of a kind in aces with a two, three or four kicker. A straight flush gets a 50x payout in this game, and a royal flush gets the usual 800x payout.

From this paytable, you can see a number of obvious changes in strategy. First, a straight flush is not worth as much as it normally is, so the value of straight flush draws goes down if you have a made flush or straight. Single pair hands are worth more, especially aces, twos, threes and fours, because of the bonus four of a kind payouts. This is balanced by a lower payout for two pair, but the overall effect is that small pairs have more value than usual. Your strategies have to reflect these changes if you want to have good chances to win.