Online Video Poker Games With Wild Cards

October 15, 2016


There are some online video poker variants that use “wild cards”, which can substitute for other cards to make poker hands. These not only create an apparent difference, but also require players to make changes in the optimum video poker strategy. However, the payout tables are tweaked so that the average return usually remains about the same as the basic Jacks or Better online video poker variant. This article looks at some video poker games with wild cards.

Deuces Wild is an online video poker variant in which all four twos act as wild cards. With four wild cards in the pack drastic changes are required in the payout table. In Deuces Wild the payouts begin with three of a kind hand instead of a pair of jacks in Jacks or Better. Also three new hand rankings have been inserted between straight flush and natural royal flush. These include five of a kind and wild royal flush, both of which are made up using wild deuces. Then there a special four of a kind hand that has four deuces. This pays just lower than natural royal flush and more than the regular four of a kind hand. You get slightly better average returns for Deuces Wild than for Jacks or Better.

There are online video poker variants in which jokers are introduced as extra cards in the standard 52-card deck. The jokers act as wild cards. Joker Poker is played with a single joker added. In this case the payouts begin with a pair of kings instead of a pair of jacks. Five of a kind and wild royal flush are included in the payout table. But there is no separate payout for four deuces, which is treated like any other four of a kind hand.

Microgaming powered Australian online casinos also have a variant called Double Joker Poker in the video poker category. It has two identical jokers in the 54-card deck. Both jokers act as wild cards. There are no payouts for pairs of kings and aces. The payout table starts with two pairs. Above that the same hand rankings are used as in Joker Poker, but the payouts are slightly different. The average return for Double Joker Poker is marginally less than that for Joker Poker.

All these wild card video poker variants can be played at Microgaming powered Australian online casinos such as Casino Mate and Royal Vegas. They are available as single hand and multi-hand Power Poker games.