Online Pick ‘em Video Poker

June 30, 2017


Online video poker games can get tedious. You are first dealt five cards. You can replace as many of these cards as you want. If your final hand ranking appears in the payout table then you receive a payout. There are different variants in online video poker that are created mainly by using different payout tables and by introducing wild cards. You do have to adjust the strategy accordingly, but there is no startling difference. It is in this context that Pick ‘em Poker has a huge following at online casinos.

As in online video poker games Pick ‘em Poker is played with a single standard deck. You begin by placing the bet. The cards are dealt in a different manner. Two cards will be dealt face up. Two stacks of three cards each are also dealt. However, only the top card of these stacks will be visible. You have to choose one of the two stacks. The three cards in the chosen stack and the two single cards make your five card hand. Based on the cards that you can see, you have to take a call which stack is more likely to lead to a higher ranked poker hand.

There is more uncertainty involved in Pick ‘em Poker. To compensate for this the payout table begins with nines or better, instead of the more common jacks or better. Playtech is one of the software providers that offer Pick ‘em Poker at its online casinos. Some of the payouts for a wager of five coins are as follows. Nines or better pays 2 to 1. Four of a kind pays 120 to 1. Straight flush pays at 239.8 to 1. Royal flush pays at 1200 to 1. If you wager less than 5 coins then the top three payout ratios are lower. Four of a kind pays 100 to 1. Straight flush pays at 200 to 1. Royal flush pays at 1000 to 1. Therefore it is important to play Pick ‘em Poker with a wager of five coins.

Playtech also offers Pick ‘em Poker in multi-hand format. You can select from 1, 4, 10, 25, 50 and 100 hands. In these games the two single cards and the face up card in the chosen set will be the same for all hands. Only the two hidden cards will be different in each hand. Omni Casino and Mansion Casino are recommended online casinos for Pick ‘em Poker. Realtime Gaming is another software provider that offers this game at its online casinos.