One Million Megaways BC is the latest online pokie from the designers at Iron Dog Studio. It’s a six-reel game with win ways from 64 to 117,649, and there are 20 fixed paylines. The maximum payout is capped at 45,000x the player’s stake.

As you may have guessed from the title, the game takes place in prehistoric times. Symbols include cavemen and cavewomen, as well as lethal saber-toothed tigers and shambling woolly mammoths. The presentation is nothing exceptional, but it’s novel in its own way.

Tumbling Symbols

When a winning way pays out, the corresponding symbols are destroyed. Then, all remaining symbols tumble down, with missing icons being replaced from higher on the screen.

This process continues as long as new winning combinations are being made. On the mammoth reel, sticky wilds can tumble down, but they do not disappear for the free spins rounds.

Base Game Multiplier

The base game multiplier begins at x1. After the first winning tumble, the multiplier increases to x2. Each additional win causes the multiplier to move up by +2, with a maximum of x8.

Multipliers reset at the start of the free spins round. They also reset at the end of any winning sequence.

Free Spins Round

To the left of the reels are four stone bowls filled with sticks. With each consecutive tumble win, the kindling in one of the bowls ignites.

If all four bowls are set aflame, the player triggers the bonus and earns eight free spins. Each tumble after four leads to another pair of bonus spins (with a maximum of 14).

During the bonus, a special mammoth reel appears in the center of the screen. This reel contains up to nine symbols.


The game’s return-to-player percentage indicates the average payback on a specific machine. One Million Megaways BC is listed at 96.20%, which means it returns (on average) $96.20 for every $100 wager.

One Million Megaways BC Virtual Reels

Purchasing Spins

The player also has the option of buying free spins. The activation price depends on the size of the wager. For example, a player betting $5 has the following options:

  • Six Free Spins – $250
  • Eight Free Spins – $425
  • Ten Free Spins – $675
  • Twelve Free Spins – $1000
  • Fourteen Free Spins – $1350

One Million Megaways BC Paytable

This pokie calculates wins by counting the number of consecutive reels with matching symbols. It then multiplies the relative multiplier, as shown on the paytable, by the number of matching icons on a specific reel.

Game symbols include the following:

  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten – Each of these poker icons carries a multiplier of 1 for three matches, 2 for four, 5 for five, 6 for 10, and 7 for 20.
  • Prehistoric Elk – Gifted with massive antlers, this creature has multipliers of 3 for three, 5 for four, 10 for five, 20 for six, and 40 for seven.
  • Smilodon – Also known as the saber-toothed cat, this fearsome mammal has multipliers of 5 for three matches, 7 for four, 10 for five, 20 for six, and 60 for seven.
  • Woolly Mammoth – Standing 13 feet tall and weighing around six tons, this extinct creature was one of the last in the mammoth line. It offers multipliers worth 5 for three matches, 7 for four, 10 for five, 20 for six, and 80 for seven.
  • Prehistoric Female – This lovely lady has multipliers of 10 for three matches, 20 for four, 40 for five, 70 for six, and 100 for seven.
  • Prehistoric Male – This bearded fellow has multipliers of 10 for two matches, 15 for three, 40 for four, 70 for five, 100 for six, and 140 for seven.
  • Wild – Substitutes for all other symbols during base and bonus games.
  • Sticky Wild – Only appears on the mammoth reel during the free spins bonus. Up to nine can be present on the reel at the same time.

Finding One Million Megaways BC

In order to try your luck at One Million Megaways BC, you’ll need to locate an online casino with games from Iron Dog Studio. I suggest Woo Casino, as they provide pokies from over a dozen designers.

Final Thoughts

One Million Megaways BC seems to have a lot to like, but I always come away confused. Perhaps the tumbling action just throws me off, or maybe it’s the unconventional payout structure. Whatever the case, I always feel as though I’m missing something.

Despite my reservations, you should still give it a try. The base game multiplier is a welcome addition, as is the presence of the special mammoth reel. And, of course, there’s the possibility of winning 45,000x your wager.

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