Microgaming's What a Hoot Video Slot Review

August 16, 2013


Microgaming is known for being able to take themes that sound pretty plain and turn them into something very entertaining, and that's very much the case with What a Hoot. This is an owl-based video slot that plays a lot like fruit machines in terms of the paytable and the way things are structured. The theme is absolutely hilarious, and it's great for owl-lovers. This game has a low to medium volatility, and the pay schedule for the game is set up in a way that minimizes the big swings while also giving you a shot at a sizable jackpot.

What a Hoot uses five reels with three symbols on each and a total of nine paylines. This is not a game for ultra-low stakes players because the smallest coin size in this game is $0.25. However, this makes the smallest bet per spin $2.25, so it's not necessarily required that you be a high roller for you to have some fun with this game. The largest coin size is $5, so you can play for up to $45 per spin since only one coin is allowed on each of the nine paylines.

One of the things about this game that you need to be aware of is which symbols are the highest and which are the lowest. The What a Hoot symbol is the biggest symbol in the game, and five of them on an activated payline get you a 5,000x jackpot. The red owl symbol is next, and five of it gets you a 600x prize. A 500x prize is yours with five of the yellow owl, and five of the blue owl gets you a nice 300x payout. The 250x payout can be won with four of the red owl or five of the white owl, and a number of other payouts in the three-figure range are also available.

The wild symbol works pretty normally in this game. There is also a scatter symbol that pays out 2x, 10x or 50x for three, four or five symbols, respectively. One thing that you'll notice is that there is no bonus feature in this game. This is kind of a throwback to the old fruit machines, and you'll notice that some of the lower symbols in this game are actually from the old fruit games. You get all of your value from the paytable in this game, and this contributes to the low volatility.