Microgaming's Sun Quest Video Slot Review

August 30, 2013


There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to different types of slots. With video slots, one of the biggest disadvantages has always been how the numerous bonus games usually take away from the value of the regular paytable. This creates a situation where most of your value comes from very rare chances to win, and this increases the volatility and swings of the game while keeping the payout rates the same (or making them worse). With the Sun Quest video slot, you don't have to deal with that. All of the value in this game comes from the very generous paytable in the form of several prizes and plenty of ways to get paid.

Sun Quest uses a nine-payline format with five reels. You can bet a single coin on each payline, and the coins start off at $0.25 each. The maximum size of the coins is $2 each, so your betting range is $2.25 to $18 per spin if you want to have all paylines activated. While this is not really considered a micro-stakes slot, the value you get from it is really worth it if you have the bankroll to support it because it's not very swingy and it pays out often, two factors you really want in a game like this.

The wild symbol is pretty important in this game because of the way the payout table is structured. First off, five of the wild symbol on an activated payline gets you the jackpot of 10,000 times your line bet. This is a good top payout for a video slot especially considering that it's a part of the regular paytable and not the result of some multiplier math in a bonus game that rarely hits to begin with.

Because so much of your value comes from the regular paytable, the wilds are a major way to help you get paid in Sun Quest. There are several mid-range payouts that hit fairly frequently. You can get 1,000x for five diamonds, 900x for five sevens, 800x for five balls or 700x for five gold bars. Several other three-figure payouts are available, so you'll get plenty of value even if you aren't lucky enough to hit the top jackpot. This is a hot slot that gives you a lot of ways to get paid, so make sure to check it out.