Microgaming's Retro Reels Video Slot Review

September 10, 2012


Video slots are known for pushing the boundaries on what was once thought possible with the slot genre of games. As time goes on, there are more and more features coming out that are getting farther and farther away from the traditional type of slot. Retro Reels is a video slot by Microgaming that essentially pays homage to the more classic-style slots. This game includes a selection of features that were made famous by classic slots, but they're all held together inside of the video slot interface, and this makes for a very fun gaming experience.

To start things off, Retro Reels uses five reels with 20 paylines. The reels in this game actually spin in an effort to emulate traditional slots, and this really helps with the overall feel of the game. Players can pick coin sizes from $0.01 to $0.05, and they can bet up to 20 coins on each individual payline. This means that the maximum bet available is 400 coins times $0.05 per coin for a total wager of $20. Because of this, Retro Reels is only really accessible to low stakes players and mid-stakes players. The highest of rollers will probably not be able to bet enough per spin to keep them interested.

Staying true to the spirit of classic slots, Retro Reels does not have a wild symbol. However, the paytable makes it easy to get a lot more of the small and medium wins than the average video slot, and it really makes up for it. The Dollar Sign symbol is the top-paying symbol, and five of them on the same payline will get you a sweet 10,000x payout. This is the jackpot of the game, and it's much higher than the next highest payout of 500x that you can get with red or blue versions of the Seven symbol.

The main bonus game is a set of free spins that you can get by getting two or more of the Free Spins scatter symbol on the reels at the same time. All of your free spins have the payouts doubled, and you can re-trigger the free spins over and over again. Aside from this, there is also a re-spin option that allows you to pay a small fee to re-spin one of the reels again. This allows for all sorts of cool strategy, and it helps to make Retro Reels different in its own way.