Microgaming's Monster Mania Video Slot Review

December 6, 2013


Halloween only comes once each year, but with the Monster Mania video slot by Microgaming, you can get all of the monster action that you can handle no matter when it is. Unlike most video slots, this game does not center around a big jackpot. Instead, it's all about trying to hit multi-line wins. Keep this in mind when you notice that the top jackpot is lower than you might expect because you'll very rarely only get paid the amount for that single line win. Overall, this is a fun game with a fairly low volatility.

With Monster Mania, you'll have five reels with nine paylines. The coins start out at a low $0.25 each, so the lowest price per spin is $2.25. This isn't really a microstakes level game, but it's not exceptionally high stakes either. Coins go up to $2.00 each for bets at $18 per spin at the upper end of things. This game is primariliy geared towards players who like getting frequent small and medium wins with a chance to get paid for some other pretty good multi-hit payouts. This is not a very typical video slot in that it doesn't center around a lot of flashy features. Instead, it's based around giving players a high-quality slot experience.

The symbol set for Monster Mania is kind of funny because it's a blend of the classic slot symbols with a bunch of scary monsters. Overall, there are five different fruit symbols that show up and seven different monsters. The monsters tend to be the higher-paying symbols, and the fruit symbols makes up the smaller payouts. This is a better option for this game than the A, K, Q, J and T symbols that are often used as filler in a lot of video slots these days.

The top payout on a single payline in this game is 1,000x that you'll get for picking up five of the hairy monster symbol. There are wilds on every reel, but since they don't have their own special payout rate, five of them on the same payline will just get you the same 1,000x prize. Five scatters gets you a 900x prize, or 100 times your total bet which is the same thing, and there are a number of other three-figure payouts in this game. Overall, it's an excellent title with wins that come faster than usual.