Microgaming's Five-Reel Fruit Fiesta Slot Review

July 27, 2013


Australian players are known for their love of the pokies, and they are found in a lot of areas like pubs and clubs. Microgaming's Fruit Fiesta Slot is very similar to typical pokies in a lot of ways, and the five-reel version of this game has a lot to offer players who enjoy the online slot scene as well. The five-reel Fruit Fiesta video slot is basically a combination of Australian pokies and online video slots. This game features a range of bets from $0.05 per spin to $0.75 per spin, meaning that this slot is best for small stakes players and medium stakes players.

The five-reel version of Fruit Fiesta has 15 paylines, so players have a number of different ways to win on each individual spin. While a few other video slots have more than 1,000 paylines, having so many paylines makes the game extremely complicated, and this would drastically take away from the pokies feel that this game has. This game has a progressive jackpot that you can play for, but you'll need to bet the maximum on each spin to qualify for it. At $0.75 per spin, playing for the progressive is not a terrible bet considering the jackpot often reaches the six figure range. The largest progressive jackpot win on this game was just over $150,000, and this jackpot is won by getting five of the Fruit Fiesta Logo symbol on the 15th payline.

The Fruit Fiesta Logo symbol is wild in this game, and it can be used to substitute for any of the regular symbols in the game. While most pokies do not feature a wild symbol, this is a part of the video slot influence on this game. On the flip side, Fruit Fiesta features a lot of small and medium payouts that come frequently like pokies do.

The Fruit Fiesta scatter symbol gives players a chance to win nice prizes without having to line anything up on specific paylines. Getting five of the Fruit Fiesta scatter symbol on the reels at the same time after a spin will get you a 6,000x prize. The next largest non-progressive prize is for getting five of the Fruit Fiesta Logo symbol on any of the first 14 paylines. This payout is worth a 5,000x payout. These are some impressive mid-tier payouts for a game that often features a six-figure progressive jackpot for less than $1 per spin.