Microgaming's Carnaval Video Slot Review

June 21, 2013


One of the main differences between video slots and classic slots is that video slots tend to have a lot of extra bonus features that you don't see in the classic versions of slot games. To compensate for this, classic slots tend to have better chances of winning medium and large-sized prizes. Different types of players prefer one or the other, and there aren't many games that combine the best of the two slots worlds. Carnaval is one of those few games that does this by offering up a classic slots payout distribution with a video slot layout.

In Carnaval, you're going to use a five-reel layout with nine paylines. There aren't a lot of nine-payline video slots these days. In fact, most use at least 20 paylines. However, Carnival doesn't want to go too far with extra paylines since that's not something that classic slots are known for. The coin sizes range from $0.25 to $5.00 each, and that means that the smallest bet on this game is $2.25 per spin. This falls in line with how classic slots tend to have higher minimum bets and chances for winning larger prizes as a result.

The jackpot in this game is for five of the Carnaval symbol. This pays out a nice prize worth 5,000 times your line bet. There is also a wild symbol in this game, but it doesn't have a specific payout. Instead, five of the wild symbol on an activated payline will get you the Carnaval symbol 5,000x jackpot prize. With two ways to win the top jackpot, you'll have better chances of taking home a big score in this game. The wilds also make it easier to hit some of the other mid-range payouts like five of the girl symbol for 600x.

While Carnaval doesn't offer any second-screen bonus features or free spins, it makes up for this with a ton of value on its normal paytable and with a scatter symbol. This scatter symbol gives players a chance to pick up extra prizes even if the symbols don't line up on the same payline. This is a part of the mix-up between classic and video slots with Carnaval because scatters don't usually show up in classic slots. It's a great way to introduce the feature to players who aren't familiar with it and who want to get into the video slot genre.