Max Damage Online Arcade Game From Microgaming

September 30, 2016


For long, online casinos have offered simple fixed odds or instant win games under the classification of arcade games. But when the leading software provider to Australian online casinos Microgaming launched its first arcade game it made sure that the players got the real thing. Max Damage and the Alien Attack has been available at Microgaming online casinos like Casino Mate, Royal Vegas and 32Red for four years now, and it is as popular as the best online pokies. Max Damage is based on popular retro arcade games series of the same name. It combines physical dexterity and mental alertness with premium graphics and high quality sound effects.

Max Damage has the popular alien space ship shooting theme. You are stationed in the console of a spaceship and destroy attacking alien ships using the designated keyboard buttons. You start the arcade game with six lives. If an alien ship manages to get past you, then a life is lost. On the other hand you can win several benefits like boosters that enhance life, health, shield and damage. Your weapons can also be upgraded so as to increase your fire power. As a player you are ultimately concerned with the payouts. As you collect blockades, nukes, wormholes, free missiles and laser boosters you can win up to 40,000 coins. Then you can win up to 10,000 coins for destroying an alien ship and up to 110,000 coins for killing the alien boss. These payouts are randomly awarded for each event up to the maximum limits specified.

Like arcade games, Max Damage and the Alien Attack has multiple levels, nine to be exact. You will face nine attacks from the aliens one after another. In order to successfully defend the earth you have to defeat the aliens all nine times. As you win one level and move to the next, the degree of difficulty becomes bigger. The alien ships may fly closer to your spaceship either randomly or in formations. They may also shoot at or collide with your spaceship.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack also features a top scores leader board, which is again a common concept in arcade games. The highest achieved scores will be displayed in ranked order with the players’ names and dates of achievement. This has created considerable competitive interest in the arcade game among the players at the Microgaming powered Australian online casinos. To get your name on the leader board you have to successfully complete all levels and have to kill the last alien boss.