Punters have lots of choices to make, but deciding between live and online casinos remains among the most difficult. I’ve attempted to simplify things in this article, offering some of the main selling points for each option.

Positives of Live Casinos

Land-based (aka “brick and mortar”) casinos allow you to directly interact with employees and games. Everything is real, from the chips to the discount buffet.

  • Real Cash Instead of Digital Money – Live casinos pay you with cash or check, which is still preferred by many players. Older punters can often get confused by options like Bitcoin, but that’s never the case with real currency.
  • Comps – Real casinos offer all kinds of perks to frequent players and high rollers, including free rooms and tickets to shows. Often, these freebies can turn an otherwise losing trip into a profitable one.
  • Human Contact – There’s nothing like sharing the casino experience with fellow punters, especially if they’re sitting next to you. Online casinos offer chat options, but those pale in comparison to the real thing (especially during social games like craps).
  • Rapid Transactions – You always leave with the entirety of your prize, regardless of its size. This is preferable to online casino cashouts, where winnings are often paid in instalments.
  • Real Life vs Virtual Reality – Gaming websites may offer crisp graphics, but they can’t duplicate the sights, sounds, and smells of an actual casino. For those who value the sensory experience as much as the possible prizes, this advantage can’t be overlooked.
  • Additional Entertainment Options – Online casinos offer games and not much else. Brick-and-mortar establishments, however, frequently provide easy access to musical acts, stand-up comics, and much more.
  • No Legal Questions – It’s simple to determine whether a land-based casino is legal, usually because it’s out in the open. However, the legality of certain online establishments can often be vague.

Positives of Online Casinos

Online punting occurs in a virtual environment, often from the comfort of your own home. Using your personal computer is the most common option, although a growing number prefer mobile gaming. The advantages of this type of gambling include the following:

  • Larger Variety – Real casinos are limited by floor space, but an online locale is never overcrowded. You can always find your favourite game, whether it’s keno or video poker.
  • Lower House Edge – This isn’t always the case, but you can often find a slightly lower house edge at online establishments. Virtual casinos are in constant competition, and they’re willing to provide better odds in order to gain your business.
  • Never Closed – You can always count on virtual casinos to be open, no matter what the clock or calendar says. The same isn’t always true for their land-based counterparts, as some still close their doors at certain hours.
  • Portable Punting – Online punters choose where they play, while their real-world counterparts are stuck in a fixed location. Thanks to mobile options for Apple iPhones and Android tablets, this is truer than ever.
  • Play Multiple Games at Once – In the real world, you can’t be two places at once. If you’re playing your favourite pokie, you can’t also try your luck at roulette. This isn’t the case at online casinos, as customers can open multiple tabs with different games simultaneously.
  • Privacy – If you like to keep your love of pokies private, there’s no better option than online play. You’ll never have to worry about running into your mother-in-law or someone from church.
  • Immediate Access – You’ll never have to stand in a queue to play your favourite games. From pokies to baccarat, every option is available with a single click of your mouse.
  • Bonus Cash – Online casinos offer free money in the form of sign-up or welcome bonuses. Just make sure to read the fine print, as you’ll usually have to meet certain requirements before collecting. While not as good as land-based comps, they’re available to everyone who opens an account.

What about Live Online Casino Games?

Live online casinos combine the best of both worlds, and they’re growing in popularity with each passing year. Thanks to streaming technology, the customer interacts with a real dealer via their computer.

An attractive female serves as a live baccarat dealer at an online casino.

This is the closest casinos have come to bridging the gap between virtual and real, but it’s still not perfect. Unfortunately, they currently offer only a handful of games, and your lucky dealer might quit or have the day off. However, this remains the best bet for those who crave a live gaming experience without leaving home. For more information, check out participating establishments such as Fair Go Casino.


There are reasons to recommend both live and online casinos, but ultimately it’s a case of player preference. I suggest defining your priorities, reading the information above, and then making a decision based on the facts. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll be able to concentrate on what really matters (hint: winning money).