Level Up Jacks Or Better Is More Exciting

June 17, 2016


If you do not find the regular Jacks or Better online video poker exciting enough, then you should try Level Up Jacks or Better, which is available at Microgaming online casinos. This format has high variance because of multiplied payouts and can lead to some really big wins. But the flip side is that you can lose a bit more if you are unlucky. The game play and optimum strategy are exactly the same so you should have no difficulty in taking to Level Up Jacks or Better.

Level Up Jacks or Better is played over four hands in different levels. You move to the higher level only if you draw a winning combination according to the payout table in the lower level. Otherwise your game ends. You place the wagers four all four hands up front. If you lose in the first level then all bets are lost without even playing the higher level hands. If you draw a winning combination in the first level, you are paid according to the payout table and move to the second level. Here if you lose, then you exit the game with your first level winnings. If you win in the second level, you are paid at twice the payout table values. Winning in the third round results in a payout of 4x and winning in the fourth round results in a payout of 8x. Each level uses a separate full deck.

Since you incur a big loss if you lose in the first level, Level Up Jacks or Better video poker has two helpful features. The first of these is the Free Ride Card. This card can be randomly dealt at any level and is displayed next to the hand. If this card is dealt, then you will progress to the next level even if you do not draw a winning hand. You will not receive any payouts for that hand. The second feature is the Auto Complete. A natural royal flush has a jackpot payout in Jacks or Better. You may be dealt a natural royal flush at a higher level, but you may fail to reach that level because you may draw a losing hand before that. In such an event the Auto Complete feature offers a compensatory payout for the natural royal flush.

Microgaming online casinos like Casino Mate and Royal Vegas also offer other video poker variants in the Level Up format, such as Aces & Faces, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker.