How to Get Value From Non-Cashable Deposit Bonuses

December 13, 2013


One of the most common pieces of advice that people get about dealing with online casino welcome bonuses and reload bonuses is to go for fully cashable options as much as possible. The idea is that you'll be able to cash out whatever is left of your bonus whenever you want to, and that makes a fair bit of sense. However, it doesn't take into consideration how most people really play casino games or what their overall goals are for their experience. Here we're going to outline some ways to use non-cashable deposit bonuses to get value instead.

Most people play at online casinos like the following. They put in a deposit, and they start playing their favorite games looking to take down a big jackpot. Even if they take down some small and medium payouts, those prizes usually only serve the purpose of giving the player more chances to place bets in hope of taking down a big prize like a progressive or a top video slot jackpot. This is how most people play in a lot of circumstances, and there's nothing wrong with it. Overall, they're looking to go big or go broke when it comes to their deposits.

If you have a non-cashable casino bonus, then this fits right into your plan of playing. Once your original bonus effectively runs out, you're able to use your bonus dollars to keep playing. The only disadvantage here is that if you do go on a winning streak, you'll have to subtract your bonus from the amount of money that you run your account up to. For example, if you have a $100 deposit with a 200 percent bonus and end up taking down a big prize that puts you up to a total account balance of $2,000, then you can only cash out $1,800 because of the $200 bonus.

This isn't really seen as a big deal for many players, and it's pretty much seen as a part of the deal when getting large bonus offers. When you can get up to 400 percent (or even more in some cases) added onto your deposit, you're often willing to take the risk of subtracting those funds from a future withdrawal request. It's simple enough logic since you wouldn't have had a chance to continue playing in the first place if it wasn't for the bonus money.