How to Find Good Bonuses for Video Poker and Blackjack

January 10, 2014


When you're a skill game player who prefer titles like video poker and blackjack, you're used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the selection of promotions that are available. Most sites offer bonuses that are the most favorable to slots players, and they tend to avoid giving out specials for video poker or blackjack because highly-skilled players can get the house advantage down to very small levels in those games. To help you find promotions that will keep your bankroll up at an adequate level, we're going to show you some ways to look for special offers for video poker and blackjack.

The first thing to realize is that you're going to have to deal with high wagering requirements. That's just a reality that you'll have to learn to cope with, and it's a direct result of the skill element of blackjack and video poker. If you're a skilled player, then you could very much abuse bonus offers, and that's something that sites have to protect themselves against. While you can still turn a nice profit while enjoying your favorite games, they won't have to worry about unskilled players getting in on the action and taking advantage of the offers.

Another aspect of online casino promotions that you'll have to grow to love is that most of your value might not come from deposit bonuses. It's true that deposit bonuses are the most popular promotions that have ever been given out in this industry, but video poker and blackjack players will have to adapt if they want to maximize their value. Something to really look into that most players tend to ignore is loyalty programs. The comp points that you earn can often be exchanged for cash, and this is something that you should figure into your calculations when you're looking at which sites are the best value.

Finally, remember that there are other promotions that give a lot of good value as well. Some sites have special blackjack or video poker days where you get double or triple comp points, and other sites have special leaderboard competitions or special payouts for these games. Overall, you need to remember that you're going to have to look out for yourself while trying to stay inside of the terms and conditions of all of the promotions that you take part in.