How to Approach the First Play of Blackjack Switch

October 3, 2014


The first play of blackjack switch is based on having the option to switch cards from two hands. This is based on a classic cheating technique that people have used for a long time, and it's really cool that you get to incorporate it inside of the rules of this game. The basic idea behind making the most of this option is by trying to either maximize one of your hands or keep them balanced based on which type of dealer card you're facing. Knowing when you should play with each type of strategy is just as important as knowing how to implement those strategies to begin with.

The strongest eight hands in blackjack start with 21, 20 and 19. From there, having an AA to split is in fourth place with 11, 10 and 9 in the next three places. In eighth place are hands where you have a soft 18. You need to be able to say these ranks in the right order at will if you want to make the most of any given situation in Blackjack Switch because knowing those ranks is the key to being able to play the switching portion of the hand correctly.

If you're against a dealer who has a seven or eight, then you're going to play a strategy based around trying to keep your two hands as balanced as possible. The point here is that the dealer isn't going to tend towards busting often or making strong hands often, so a balanced approach is needed. However, if the dealer has a weak or strong card other than a seven or eight, then you'll want to try to maximize the value of one of your hands as much as possible. This can be tricky to understand, so let's look at some examples.

Look at the strongest of your two hands. Suppose that's a 19. Now look at the strongest of your two hands if you happened to switch. Suppose that's a 20. Unless you're against a seven or eight, then the right option is to switch to optimize the value of your top hand. This is a very straight-forward approach that's easy to understand even if it's somewhat anti-intuitive. Overall, using this switching strategy will have you making the right decisions more often than not, and it's a good starting point for playing this particular blackjack game.