How Payline Choices Affect Payout Rates for Video Slots

June 14, 2013


It's not hard to understand the video slots are games that are primarily based on luck. There isn't much that you get to decide on when you're playing video slots. However, you do get to choose the number of paylines that you play on, and this is one of the few strategic decisions that you get to make. A lot of people like to play with only a few paylines activated, but that's usually not the best strategy. Here we're going to show you how to decide which number of paylines to play to maximize your payout percentage.

If the game you're playing has a progressive jackpot, then the number of paylines you play will often decide if it's activated or not. Imagine that the top jackpot on a game with a single payline used is 5,000x, but the progressive jackpot with all paylines activated is effectively 50,000x. It's not hard to see that activating the progressive is the way to go, but some people don't see it that way. The times you do hit the biggest jackpot in the game, you'll have a choice between either getting a good prize or a life-changing sum of money. Most people would take the life-changing sum, and that's why activating the progressive is so important for your bottom line.

Almost all video slots have wild symbols that intersect several different paylines. The more paylines you play, the more your wild symbols are worth. What happens when a wild symbol intersects several paylines is that you get a big chance to make multiple payouts on a single spin. The times that you get more than one wild symbol on the reels work to really compound your prizes. This means that you can win on several different paylines at once with the same wild symbol to get big total prizes.

Free spins and multipliers are also affected by the number of paylines you play. When you trigger a free spins bonus round, your free turns are based on the settings for the spin that triggered them. With only a few paylines activated, you'll only get free spins for a few paylines. However, with all of the paylines on a game turned on, your free spins (which usually include multiplier bonuses) will be worth a ton more. By maximizing the value of these bonus features by playing more paylines, you boost your bottom line a great deal.