High-Paying Microgaming Video Poker Games

January 25, 2013


Video poker players need to be able to play variety of games well. This allows them to adapt to new circumstances like special promotions or changes in the online gambling environment. Microgaming, one of the top two online casino software providers in the world, has several different types of video poker available. However, only four of them pay out higher than 99 percent with perfect play. Here we're going to show you these four games and what you can do to learn them.

The one game that all video poker players should know how to play is Jacks or Better. The strategies used in this game make an excellent foundation for learning other forms of poker, and you can learn a near-perfect strategy in less than 30 minutes. Jacks or Better uses the full pay 9/6 paytable at Microgaming-powered online casinos, and this means that you'll get some great payouts if you know how to play well. Perfect play in 9/6 Jacks or Better will get you a 99.54 percent payout, and that's great considering this is a pretty easy game to learn how to play.

A game that's similar to Jacks or Better is Tens or Better. This game gives you a 1x payout with a single pair of tens, but you get smaller payouts with some of the higher-ranking hands to compensate. The correct strategies in this game are very similar to Jacks or Better with some minor adjustments, and you can get a 99.14 percent payout with perfect play on a 6/5 payout table. This is a good backup game for times when Jacks or Better is not allowed for some promotion or bonus.

Aces and Faces with an 8/5 payout table can get you a 99.26 percent payout rate. This game is somewhat like Jacks or Better, but there are huge payout bonuses for certain four of a kind hands. If you learn how to adjust your strategy, then you can usually get a payout rate of over 99 percent if you are good at Jacks or Better.

Deuces and Joker Wild has a 99.07 percent payout rate if you use the 9/6 payout table at Microgaming-powered online casinos. This is an easier game to learn than Deuces Wild, and it has a better payout rate than Deuces Wild with Microgaming's software. The feel of the game is a lot different than the other three suggestions we're giving here, but it's a great game to use as a foundation for wild card video poker games.