Heroes Hunt is a fantasy pokie created by Fantasma Games and distributed by Relax Gaming. It simulates a role-playing video game, with the player taking on the role of a warrior, wizard, or archer in their quest to stop an evil dragon.

Where to Find It

This poker machine is available at any online casino offering titles from Relax Gaming. My current favorite option is King Johnnie, as it also features games from iSoftBet, Tom Horn, Booming, Quickspin, and several others.

Reel Display

Heroes Hunt doesn’t have the usual reel display of a pokie. Instead, it’s presented in a 6×6 grid, and symbols float in from the left side of the screen.

You’ll also notice that up to four spaces per reel are filled with grey stones, which are known as “blockers.” These symbols are worth nothing, although they can be removed/replaced by special features. This increases the number of active ways, with a possible maximum of 46,656.

When a winning combination appears, all symbols in the combo disappear. Then, an avalanche effect is triggered, causing new symbols to fall down from the top for more possible wins.

Three Heroes to Choose From

Before the game begins, you’ll be asked to choose one of three available heroes for the quest. Each selection has a different special, and these include the following:

  • Wizard – This character has the explosion feature. When the explosion symbol lands on the reels, it blows up and removes itself. It also takes out any blocker symbols or non-winning icons in a 3×3 or 2×2 radius. These empty spaces are then filled with symbols that are identical to the winning combination.
  • Warrior – This fighter with an eyepatch bestows the expanding wild feature. When the expanding wild symbol appears, it grows to cover the entire reel. It removes all icons above and below it, as well as awarding a multiplier from 1x to 6x.
  • Archer – This masked rogue comes with the respin feature. When this symbol lands, it and 6 to 12 blocker or non-winning icons disappear. Those symbols are then replaced, which creates new winning opportunities.

The two heroes not chosen begin the game with zero experience points. When a chest symbol appears on the reels, there’s a chance of experience being awarded. It takes 3 experience points to unlock a new hero.

Betting Range

The player can choose from 16 different wagers. The smallest possible amount is $0.20 per spin, while the largest is $80. This makes the game better suited for punters with small to medium-sized bankrolls. High rollers will want to look elsewhere.

Heroes Hunt Pay Table

This section details the entire Heroes Hunt pay table. Payouts vary based on the player’s wager, and the following list assumes a maximum bet of $80 per spin.

  • Dark Blue Gem – Pays $8 for 3 matches, $20 for 4, $40 for 5, and $80 for 6.
  • Light Blue Gem – Worth $12 for 3 matches, $24 for 4, $48 for 5, and $100 for 6.
  • Purple Gem – Pays $20 for 3 matches, $40 for 4, $80 for 5, and $160 for 6.
  • Green Gem – Worth $24 for 3 matches, $48 for 4, $100 for 5, and $200 for 6.
  • Gold Coin – This coin has a skull icon on its face and pays $40 for 3 matches, $80 for 4, $160 for 5, and $320 for 6.
  • King’s Crown – This royal symbol pays $40 for 3 matches, $80 for 4, $160 for 5, and $320 for 6.
  • Archer – This masked raccoon is worth $60 for 3 matches, $120 for 4, $240 for 5, and $480 for 6.
  • Wizard – This cloaked raven pays $60 for 3 matches, $140 for 4, $280 for 5, and $640 for 6.
  • Warrior – This intense-looking fellow pays $60 for 3 matches, $160 for 4, $320 for 5, and $800 for 6.
  • Dragon – The most fearsome resident of Dreadmaw Mountain is worth $160 for 3 matches, $320 for 4, $800 for 5, and $1,600 for 6.
  • Chest – This symbol appears on reel 6 during the base game, but at least one hero must still be locked. When it appears, either the Mimic Free Spins is activated or the player earns experience points.
  • Key – When all three heroes are unlocked, this icon can appear on any reel in the base game. Get three keys during a spin to activate the Dragon Free Spins.

Mimic Free Spins

When the chest symbol appears on the reels, there’s a chance that this bonus feature will be activated. If it is, then the player receives 10 free spins, and all heroes are unlocked for the duration of the bonus.

During the bonus, mimic wilds can appear on reels 2 through 5 and substitute for all paying icons. However, they’ll be disguised as regular symbols until they come to rest.

Once the round is over, all heroes return to their previous state. That means if a hero was locked before the bonus, they’ll revert to this status.

Heroes Hunt virtual poker machine

Dragon Free Spins

The Dragon Free Spins bonus triggers when three keys are collected during a round. All three heroes are unlocked, and the player receives 10 free spins.

During this phase, dragon icons can appear on all reels. If a dragon is destroyed or replaced during a spin, then an extra free spin will be awarded.

When all spins have been used up, the bonus round is over. The game then restarts, and the player gets to choose their starting hero.

Return to Player

The return to player percentage provides the average payback for a pokie. This is subject to variance in the short term. However, over the course of thousands of spins, it always proves to be true.

The overall RTP for Heroes Hunt is 96.65%. However, this can vary according to which symbols or features are unlocked. Here’s a complete list:

  • Expanding Wild Feature – 96.26%
  • Explosion Feature – 96.26%
  • Respin Feature – 96.26%
  • Explosion + Respin – 96.54%
  • Explosion + Expanding Wild – 96.53%
  • Expanding Wild + Respin – 96.53%
  • Explosion + Expanding Wild + Respin – 96.86%

Finals Thoughts

If you’re tired of conventional pokies, this is an excellent option. The ability to choose from multiple heroes is novel, as are their various abilities. The bonus rounds are also a welcome addition, although the bizarre layout of the reels takes a little getting used to. It’s definitely worth a try for players with low to medium bankrolls.

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