Pokies are the undisputed king of the casino. In both virtual and brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, they routinely generate more money than any other game.

A large reason for this is the simplicity of the rules. While punters fumble with multiple betting options on craps or roulette, the pokie player simply presses a button.

Casinos also use progressive jackpots as a major selling point. The allure of a massive payday is often too much for most customers to pass up.

Unfortunately, pokies offer some of the worst long-term odds in the casino. They represent true games of chance, which is why nobody makes a living playing them.

However, you can take steps to improve your overall gaming experience. That’s why I’ve compiled the pokie tips listed below. I hope you find them useful.

Research Virtual Casinos

You should always research an online casino before opening an account. Make sure they pay promptly and have an effective customer service department. I also prefer those that accept a variety of payment methods, from credit cards to Bitcoin.

I often recommend Joe Fortune Casino, as they have a wide selection of games and a solid reputation. However, Aussie players can also choose from quality casinos such as Tangiers, Winward, and Ignition.

Play for Fun, Not for Profit

When playing pokies, your main goal should be to have fun. To help accomplish this, always play at a slow and steady pace. Otherwise, you’ll find your account depleted at an accelerated rate.

Determine Limits Ahead of Time

Before playing, determine an upper and lower limit for your account. If you lose enough to reach the lower limit, go ahead and end your session. If you win enough to reach the upper limit, you should also walk away. Remember, pokie players will always come up short eventually.

Man playing a virtual pokie on his tablet computer

Play Maximum Credits

It’s always a good idea to play the maximum amount on a pokie. Otherwise, you might miss out on a bonus round or progressive jackpot. If a poker machine’s maximum credits are beyond your budget…

Stick to What You Can Afford

If a game seems too expensive, then it probably is. You should always be honest about your current financial situation and wager accordingly.

There’s no shame in moving down to a less expensive pokie. In fact, you should be proud of yourself for using good sense.

Check the Volatility

Pokie volatility indicates the size and frequency of wins. When possible, you should always learn the volatility level of your favourite virtual slots.

High volatility pokies offer larger payouts at a less frequent rate. Meanwhile, low volatility games provide smaller wins at a steady rate.

Players who have plenty of time and money are urged to give high volatility games a try. If you find those resources in short supply, you might be better off playing low volatility pokies. Most people, however, are likely to fall somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, though, it’s all about finding the games that best meet your current needs.

Avoid Gambling Systems

Gambling systems like the Martingale don’t work over hundreds or thousands of spins. This is a mathematical fact, so don’t waste your time. These systems will ultimately fail you, and they’ll make you feel (and look) foolish in the process.

Choose Some Other Game

Pokies are designed to slowly drain your account while enriching the casino. Sure, short-term variance can result in some impressive wins for the player, but it won’t last.

Eventually, you’ll wind up with less than you started with. If you don’t believe me, be sure to read the above section on the RTP percentage.

If you’re more concerned with winning than having fun, I suggest trying some other game. Video poker is the best option, as you can gain an advantage over the house under the right circumstances.