Go For The More Exciting Online Roulette Bets

February 5, 2016


Roulette is one of the most popular games at Australian online casinos. Most players place wagers on the standard inside and outside bets, which cover blocks of numbers on the layout. These bets start with covering one number and go up to covering 18 numbers. Online roulette games offer many other formats of bets that add spice to the wagering. Some of these are described below.

Splits are special bets covering two numbers of the same colour. These numbers appear one below another on the roulette layout. There are four Red Splits. An example is 9 and 12. One chip is placed on the combination. If any of the numbers covered by the combination is called, then the payout is 17 to 1. Similarly there are seven Black Splits. The Snake Bet covers 12 red numbers that form a snake zigzag pattern on the online roulette layout. The numbers covered are 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34. In theory this is like placing 12 single number bets, but in practice it is much more fun.

Then there are roulette bets derived from the French Roulette version, but now usually available in the latest online roulette games at Australian online casinos. These are also referred to as call bets, because the chips are not placed on the roulette layout. The more common one is called Neighbours of Zero because the bet covers 0 and some numbers that lie on either side of 0 on the roulette wheel, and not the layout. A total of 9 chips are wagered on 17 numbers and the payout depends on the number of numbers covered by each chip. A similar bet is Thirds of the Wheel. It covers 12 numbers, which is one-third of the total numbers, located on the opposite side of zero. This bet consists of six chips on two-number combinations. The Orphans bet covers the numbers left out of the other two bets. There are other call bets referred to as Finales that are based on the last digit. For example Finale 4 will cover all numbers ending in 4, which are 4, 14, 24 and 34. A total of four chips are bet, one on each number. Each chip pays out independently. Finale bets from 0 to 6 cover four numbers each and Finale bets from 7 to 9 cover three numbers each.

It must be made clear that the these special bets do not offer any advantage in terms of house edge or average return to player. They introduce much needed variety in the online roulette game.