Get a Leg Up When Playing Oasis Poker

May 15, 2015


Oasis Poker is a very interesting casino poker variant that gives you a chance to make multiple strategic decisions in the same hand. The higher the degree of strategy, the more fun the game can be, and that's definitely the case here. There are two stages to this game: a drawing stage and a betting stage. You have to learn to play both well if you want to maximize your payout rate in Oasis Poker. We're going to start with the drawing portion of the game and then take a look at how to play your hands.

You're dealt five starting cards, and you can discard up to five of them. The cost for drawing one is 1x the ante, and it's 2x the ante for two and 3x the ante for three. You'll never draw more than one card in this game when you play correctly, so drawing more than one card is essentially a sucker bet. It's important to make this distinction because some people will have a tendency to want to get tricky by sometimes discarding two. This is a mistake that we want to nip in the bud right away.

If you have four to a straight flush or royal flush, then you should always play it, even if this involves splitting a pair. Four to a flush is always a draw if you aren't breaking up a pair, and this goes for open-ended straight draws as well. If you have four cards to a flush draw with a low pair, then you're going to split it up sometimes, and this also goes for four cards to a gutshot straight draw when you don't have a pair in your hand.

After the drawing round, whether you've taken it or not, you still have to decide to raise or fold with the cards in front of you. Most hands can be solved with a simple rule: Always raise with a pair or better, and always fold with ace-queen high or lower. When you have ace-king high, however, you have to look at the card the dealer is showing and see how it compares to the cards in your hand to decide what to do. All of these are very borderline decisions, and it can be very tricky to play perfectly every single time when you have ace-king high in Oasis Poker.