Four Important Online Video Poker Tips

November 24, 2017


After online pokies, video poker is the most popular game category at Australian online casinos. If you want to maximise your enjoyment and returns from online video poker you should take heed of the following tips.

You should always play with the maximum number of coins. In most online video poker games you can bet from 1 to 5 coins. It is important that you opt for 5 coins. This is because the payout for the highest winning hand ranking for five coins is more than five times the payout for one coin. The 99% average returns are based on this jackpot payout. If you are short on funds make the adjustment by reducing the coin denomination.

There are some online video poker variants that offer low average returns. Most video poker games at Australian online casinos offer an average return of about 99%. You are safe with these games. But you may come across a few video poker games with innovative rules and formats that offer abysmally low average returns. Two of these are Louisiana Double Poker and Pyramid Poker. You can play these games in the demo mode to have some fun, but never bet on them using real hard-earned money.

Online video poker is a game of skill. In order to achieve the 99% average returns referred to in this article you have to employ the optimum strategy. If you consistently select the wrong cards to hold, then your average return will fall. You do not have to memorise the optimum strategy. You can have it front of you and refer to it when you select the cards to hold. If you are not aware of the correct moves, look for online video poker games with Auto Hold feature that automatically picks the right cards. But if you follow this route then some of the joy of playing will be taken away.

Keep multi-hand video poker games on your radar. Newbie players begin with single hand games. You are dealt one hand. You replace the cards. You receive the payouts if you win. Then you manually repeat the process to play subsequent hands. In multi-hand video poker you can play up to 100 hands with one set of actions. This increases the game speed considerably. The multi-hand video poker game play is as follows. You are dealt five cards. You select the cards you want to hold. These cards then appear in all the hands. The remaining cards are dealt to each hand. Each final hand is independently compared against the payout table.