Electric Wilds is a 5-payline pokie created by Northern Lights Gaming and distributed by Relax Gaming. The theme revolves around harvesting electricity, and the continual sounds of thunder and lightning definitely set the mood. If you’re looking for another gaming option, please read the following review to see if this title meets your needs.

Where to Play Electric Wilds

You can find this pokie at any online casino offering products from Relax Gaming. For Aussie punters, the best option is Johnny Kash, as they combine a wide selection of games with reputation for fairness.


The RTP (also known as “return to player”) is an indication of the average payback of a given pokie. If, for example, you wager $100, a machine with an RTP of 94% will pay back an average of $94. This number doesn’t always hold true in the short term, however, especially when you factor in larger wins.

The return-to-player for Electric Wilds is 96.17%. This is about average for an online poker machine, so there’s no reason to dismiss it on these grounds.

Options for Betting

You’ll have 10 betting options when playing Electric Wilds. The lowest is $0.10, while the highest is $30. Other options include $0.50, $1, $5, and $10 (among others).

Due to the low limit on wagers, Electric Wilds is a pokie best-suited for players on a budget. I especially like the $0.10 option, as I can play for hours without blowing my retirement fund.

Electric Wilds Paytable

In this section, we’ll look at the available symbols and their values. Keep in mind that the payout is dependent on the player’s wager. To illustrate this point, I’ve listed the symbol values with both the highest and lowest betting options.

Please note that, unlike other pokies, the maximum number of matches per symbol is limited to three.

  • Jack and Queen – These poker symbols are valued anywhere from $0.20 to $60.
  • King and Ace – More poker icons, this time with payouts from $0.40 to $120.
  • Green Container – Filled with a strange stone, this container pays from $0.60 to $180.
  • Yellow Container – Another container with an alien-looking rock, this icon is worth anywhere from $0.80 to $240.
  • Purple Container – The final container on the list, its range varies from $1 to $300.
  • Android Head – This robotic skull is waiting for a jolt of electricity to bring it to life. On three matches, it offers payouts from $2 to $600.
  • Wild – This icon serves as the game’s wild symbol and substitutes for all others. It also offers a payout, which ranges in value from $2 to $600 with three matches.

Lightning Symbol

At the end of each spin, look at the bottom right corner of the symbols to see if any lightning bolts appear. If they do, they’ll light up the corresponding position on the 3×3 grid located to the right of the reels.

Virtual reels from the Electric Wilds poker machine

If a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line is completed on the 3×3 grid, then one random symbol will be converted into a wild. When multiple lines are lit, then multiple symbols are converted. New payouts are then calculated based in the presence of the wilds.

There’s a 50% chance that a lightning icon will stay lit on the 3×3 grid for an additional spin. This basically gives you two chances to complete a line and get extra wilds.

Super Lightning Symbols

While the super lightning symbol looks the same on the reels, it has a different effect. Instead of lighting up one space on the 3×3 grid, it lights up a random amount.

Repeater Bonus Round

In order to trigger the bonus phase, you’ll need to satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • All symbols on the reels are identical.
  • One symbol is displayed on the reels, and all other icons are made up of wilds.

In either case, this triggers the Repeater Bonus and brings up a new screen. The player is presented with five electric tubes, four of which are unbroken.

Once the player presses the Start button, electricity begins to dance across the tubes. If the electricity stops on the broken tube, then the bonus round comes to an end. If it stops on a non-broken tube, then the player receives the same amount won in the base game.

Afterwards, the winning tube becomes broken, which leaves three whole tubes. The process is repeated until electricity lands on a broken tube and the round ends. If you achieve maximum success during the bonus, you’ll be able to increase your base win by 4x.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Electric Wilds appears to be an old-school pokie without all the bells and whistles of modern-day games. However, it has a number of innovative features that make it unique, and it melds both classic and modern gameplay into a satisfying package. High rollers will want to look elsewhere due to the low betting limits, but everyone else is urged to give it a try.

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